Friday, January 24, 2014

Our Eureka Moment!

My mom called it that.  A eureka moment.

Twice in one day!

First ::  Last Sunday, David, Stan and I went to a flea market to return a defective item I purchased the month before.  We were not planning on shopping, just returning.

Casually walking into one of the many antique booths, we saw a beautiful piece of antique furniture and stopped to admire it.

The lady told us she  had it for 6 months and would like to sell it.  She said, "Take $100 off of the tag."

David, knowing woodwork, said that we really could not pass it up.  I told him that someday, Clementine would need a dresser in her room…

We bought it for $175!

Solid oak, about 100 years old, dovetail joints on the drawers, original hardware, and hand chiseled decorations.

So we have never EVER done shopping like that.  EVER.  And it was so exciting!  As David said, he would rather spend $175 on a solid piece of wood rather than $175 on a piece of "modern looking" furniture that is made out of plywood.

They just don't make them like they use to.

Second ::  A neighbor called last Sunday asking for David's assistance.  She needed his truck and his tools.

Apparently, two model homes in our subdivision were sold and the company was selling the model furniture and all accessories in them.

(I have never been to one of these sales, but talk about AWESOME deals!)

She had snagged an adorable twin bed for her daughter's room and snagged the bedding for us, if we wanted it.

For $39, this is what we purchased…

(1) Duvet mattress pad - twin

(1) Duvet comforter  - twin

(1) Double-sided, custom made, quilted duvet cover

***Let me add right here…I never had a "Duvet" anything.  Barely knew how to pronounce the dang word!  ha ha ha****

(1) Custom made bed skirt - twin

(2) Custom made pillow shams

(2) Decorative pillows

Where the HOT Pink is pretty bright, we can definitely use all of the other bedding.

All of that for 39 bucks!  39!

Clementine is still in a crib, but I think the bedding will be perfect for her twin bed when she grows into it.  She just may have the fanciest bedding in the house!

Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. What great deals! We have almost that exact dresser, ours has a little section of marble in the center of the top, but otherwise - the same!

  2. Wow…wonderful scores for sure!!! I have almost the exact same dresser (as does 9peas!). We inherited ours from my mother-in-law. I think the story is that this dresser was the first piece of furniture that her parents had purchased after coming to America from Denmark. It travelled all the way across the country from the East Coast to where they settled in their Danish Lutheran community in Iowa. It is such a treasured piece in my home!!!

    LOVING that bedding! Absolutely adorable. Yay for Clementine!!!

  3. Love! And like my mom says, "Good things happen to good people!" : )
    Hugs for a cozy weekend, my friend!

  4. I may or may not be HYPERVENTILATING as I look at that dresser. It is exquisite. And (I add by way of bragging about my taste) it's exactly what I like. The way the mirror is set into the wood, the framing all around that - so pleasing just to look at. You were able to take it home for $175?????!! Omigosh.

    Congratulations on a great buy!!!!

  5. I wish I could go shopping with you! That dresser is gorgeous and a steal at that price.

  6. Oh, I love the dresser and the colors for her bedding!! How exciting!! Even sweeter with the great deals you got!!

  7. You struck the jackpot! That is exciting and exhilarating for sure! Enjoy your great finds!

  8. Score! What a gorgeous dresser. I wish I had time and money to go 'antiquing' or that we had flea markets around here. With pieces like that, it really is inspiring to bring such older beauty into my home. That was a great deal! How awesome and colorful is that bedding too! love it. You are right, eureka kind of day for sure.

  9. Hi Patty! What a find! I just love the wooden dresser, it's gorgeous! So much of the furniture you find these days is just junky looking, or too flimsy. This dresser is in it for the long haul!
    And how kind of your neighbor to reserve the bedding and pillows for you...God is really working for you, isn't he? And using such wonderful people. "Take $100 dollars off." Who does that???


  10. That dresser is gorgeous! Woo-hoo on the deals! :)

  11. Score! The dresser is so beautiful, and the bedding--wow! so fancy! The colors are fantastic!

  12. What a pretty dresser! And I love the bedding! Almost makes you want her to grow up and get into that dresser and a big girl bed!!! (except not really! )


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