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Daybook Post - Scoliosis - Jan 19, 2014

Outside My Window

Glorious weather.  The kids are outside as often as they can be!  (We take advantage of this as much as possible since they really cannot play outside in the summer heat in TX….except for early morning hours.)

I Am Thankful For

~ A mother's intuition.  After suspecting something wrong with the back of one of my children,  I scheduled a well-child check up and received a referral to a pediatric orthopedic hospital in Dallas.   Scoliosis.

You can read about Scoliosis here.

The curves were larger than what we expected,  but we are hoping a brace will slow them down if not stop the progression until her growth spurt is over.  Said child will need a brace to wear at bedtime for 2-3 years and X-ray growth charts taken every 4-6 months.  Not fun.  For a child, 2-3 years seems an ETERNITY.

We were trying to find the silver lining in it all.  We certainly saw dozens upon dozens of children who had such terrible orthopedic problems and I am sure that those children would give up their walkers and crutches for a brace to wear.

None-the-less, it was an emotional day for parent and child, yet we are grateful for the medical care.

   **If anyone has your own story to share about scoliosis with a daughter or son, please email me.  I would like to learn more  about it.**

~ SO, so grateful for living in an area that has great hospitals and doctors!

~ Moms' Night Out.  I know I am really blessed to be part of an amazing home school group, and once a month we have a moms' night out.  Recently, we headed to a pottery shop for a night of painting.

Only six of us were able to make it, but it was still fun.  (We always miss our comrades who cannot attend.)

I Am Thinking About


~  My dad.  I wish he were alive to pick his incredibly intelligent brain about scoliosis.  Being the smartest pharmacist  I had ever met, his opinion and thoughts on many medical issues were always appreciated.  I would call him before  the pediatrician whenever the children were sick.

~ Scoliosis.

~ St. Valentine Pizza Party / Talent Show.  My friend Elizabeth and I are planning a home school pizza party/ talent show.  It should be a great evening!  For the kids who cannot display their talent on stage  (i.e. swimming) or are too shy, we are going to have tables set up for kids to "showcase" their talents as well.

~ A birthday is coming up very, very soon!  It's going to be a hoot!

Her dress arrived the other day and she insisted on trying it on immediately  :)  I ordered it from The Dizzy Dragonfly.

Miss C's words:  "Awe.  So Pretty.  Fits.  Awesome.  Show Dad."   She is talking up a storm these days!

From The School Room

~ Sally is writing her research paper on Rose Hawthorne Lathrop, (daughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of The Scarlet Letter.)

~ Ester is reading Saint Isaac and The Indians.  She picked this saint as a fulfillment for one of the two she must report on this semester.

~ Mabel is reading Saint Edith Stein Blessed by The Cross.  What an inspiring story this one is!  Mabel has two saint books to read and report on this semester as well.  This is her first of the two.

(The smiling orange is Mabel's bookmark :)

From The Kitchen

Since our Mondays are Pizza and salad nights traditionally, I thought I would share a few things we had over the past week.

Slow Cooker Pepper Steak, recipe found here.

Using the words from my bloggy friend,  Nancy, "My house smelled so good we wanted to eat the walls!"  Yep! It is THAT good :)

This time, I served it with rice AND polenta.  The tribe members could choose what they wanted.

Another Meatless Friday - Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Mozerrella, avocado, tomato, grilled cheese)  Recipe found here.

Girlfriend, you can make these however you wish.  Get your creative on with those boring, grilled cheese sandwiches!

Panuche Frosting, recipe found here.

This is an easy, brown sugar frosting.  We were really wanting to try the frosting recipe and decided to add it to the butter pecan cake that Mabel made.

What I Am Reading

Following Mary to Jesus, found here.

I Am Praying For

~ My father-in-law and mother-in-law.  It is so difficult for her to see her beloved of almost 60 years be in the state that alhzeimers has put him in.

~ My child who was diagnosed with scoliosis.

~ For all those who have asked me to pray for them.

~ A very important intension for a sibling and the extended family.

I Am Listening To

My husband make his morning coffee and the washing machine chugging away.

Around My House

~ I changed my header picture.  The pics are of what it looks like to our north.  To our south, it is pretty much all cosmopolitan.  What a contrast between the two!

~ Stand4Life Dallas.  "It all began in Dallas.  Let's end it in Dallas."
(Picture taken in from of the Earl Cabell Federal Building…where it all began.)

Sally attended the rally and Mass at the Dallas Convention Center with High School group from church.

(The "Bikers for Life" are the K of C bikers :)

A Picture To Share

It is never too early to learn!

Wishing you all a great week!

I linked this post up with Sarah's "Encouragement Theme" link up over at Amongst Lovely Things.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty, I'm so sorry about your daughter having scoliosis. I think maybe a "bright side" might be it will get better...right? I know, I still cry when I think of all the surgeries Simeon will have. The suffering we do as mamas....Maybe this is for others. I always think God works mysteriously like that. This is a wimpy thing, I burned my mouth the other day (Tom and I had a date, I only tasted his nachos, and totally burned the whole roof of my mouth) for days it hurt...still is. When I want to complain, I think of Simeon and the pain he has gone through and will with each mouth surgery he will need. And so I don't.

    Maybe after this, your daughter will be a nurse, or a physical therapist, because of her experiences with this...There will be a silver lining. There will be. You might not know til she's grown.

    You might be the help for someone else, like you are looking for now.

    Gosh, I just wish I could give you big (((((hugs))))
    Everything will be OK.
    Fast forward to when she gets the brace, God is already there.
    Fast forward to when she wears it at night, God is already there.
    Fast forward to when she gets to stop wearing it! Yep, God is already there.

    That always helps me get through hard things.

    Love you Patty. I will pray for you and your daughter.

    Our homeschool group just had a ladies night out, they did a fondue party at someone's house...I never go...they are always in the evenings and it's just too hard to leave. Next month there is a soup night...might be fun...but knowing me, I'd burn my mouth!

    I always love your recipes!
    And that last picture, SO cute!

    1. These words were a great help to me ::
      Fast forward to when she gets the brace, God is already there.
      Fast forward to when she wears it at night, God is already there.
      Fast forward to when she gets to stop wearing it! Yep, God is already there.

      I really appreciate the uplifting, Jamie Jo. Truly. Thank you for the prayers!!

  2. Patty, you are doing such a great job with your blog!! It's a wonderful, informative, inspiring place to visit and be refreshed.

    I have a son with a curvature in his neck. He doesn't have a to wear a brace but you can see how it effects his posture. lt is so hard when we see our children carry burdens....

    Joining you in prayer.

    1. It really is a burden, Allison, isn't it? Thank you for the prayers. We have dealt with many bumps in the road and God has always carried us through. That doesn't necessarily mean they turned out the way we wanted them. For some reason, I'm more apprehensive about the brace and getting it to slow the curving down. The one is a pretty good sized degree…a little too close to the degree that warrants surgery which we do not want. We are depending on exercise and that brace to work! I have to remind myself to pray, Jesus, I trust in you!

  3. Patty...
    Joining all these other wonderful women in prayer for you and your family...

    Hugs for your sweet daughter, too.

    And I am a witness to the slow cooker pepper steak!!!
    One of the best meals ever.
    We always sing your praises when we make it...
    Or as Madison says..."Go Patty!"
    Hugs for your heart, my friend.

    1. Thank you, Billie Jo. I think I'll feel a bit better when she actually received the brace. She was custom fitted the other day and will received Feb. 7. Then time will tell.

      I think of you whenever I make that pepper steak ;) I know your gang enjoys it, too!

    2. *receives and receive…I never spell check. ugh.

  4. Oh, Patty, there is so many fun things in this post. I have Scoliosis, but it is so mild that I did not need a brace. I almost wish I had, though because it curve, as slight as it is has affected by ability to do things at times. I am glad that your child is getting one so that it can be corrected. I love that last photo. SO sweet. I love the owl dress. It makes me want a little one to put it in. LOL Look out, grandchildren, when I get them. That frosting looks so good. It is wonderful that Sally got to go to Dallas. What an experience to have. I just love your family.

    1. Phyllis, that is what concerns me. And her curves are substantial. Unfortunately the brace only slows the curving if not stops it from getting worse during her growth spurt years. It will never correct it. The only thing that permanently corrects the curves are surgery and we don't want to get near that. We are already too close for comfort in my opinion. I am hoping to get her with special exercises to assist the brace. Both exercising and bracing (and even chiropractics) act as a retainer to teeth. Once you stop wearing the retainer, the teeth will slowly go back to their original alignment. So your prayers are really, really appreciated! Thank you :)

  5. Oh Patty, you whisked right over it like it was nothing but a cut on a finger. But scoliosis? I'm so sorry to hear that one of your little ones has something like that to deal with. But happy what you knew that something was wrong. My brother grew up with scoliosis and I can remember the brace. I wish I could wish this all away for you. :( Try to remember when you want to be in a puddle of tears that you have EVERYTHING you need to handle this situation. You are strong and you can 'do all things through Christ who gives you strength.'

    1. Tara, you have seen it first hand and it isn't fun. At all. Fortunately, they have improved the braces and even though she will need to get use to hers and break it in, it isn't like the old ones like the Milwaukee Brace. Thank God! I cannot imagine having to grow up in one of those. I had a child hood friend who did and it was awful. Just awful. I feel bad for your brother. Thanks for the uplift. I've been needing it.

  6. Praying for your sweet one and for mama too. So grateful that you have wonderful physicians and hospitals to help out. I know how that alone can be a multitude of blessing.

    Mom's Night Out, once a month = bliss. Somehow the small group of 5 ladies and I who get together take forever and a day to get a date that works for us all. As time goes on, the homeschooling years fly by and winter gets longer each year, I'm starting to think I need more socialization and just to get away. I've gotta keep praying on these matters and see what God has already planned.

    I drool every time I see that frosting. I can almost taste it from way up here!

    Your photos of your every day life and ever growing lovelies always, ALWAYS, make me smile.

    1. I really hope you get your moms group to chug down the track. We set the same date each month. It is based on what is best for the majority because there never is one date that everyone can make. Does that make sense? Sometimes, depending on who is hosting or planning the night, if they ned to change the date, we are flexible with that. Have each mom pick a month to plan. We do things in our homes and outside of our homes. We have Jane Austin movie nights in the winter with popcorn and candy. Those are great nights. A movie at home with the lady friends. The dads try to take the kids out of the home for the mom who hosts for a couple of hours. They are great about it and if they have a month's notice, they usually can swing their hours at work in order to get home and help his wife. See if that helps…each of you picking a month to host/plan. I wish you lived closer :)

  7. Patty, my husband has slight scoliosis and one of my children. I will keep you guys in our prayers, and that all the fears and worries will be laid to rest.
    I always love the recipes you share, everything looks scrumptious!
    I do not have a homeschool group like that in our area, but I'm working hard on building one!! Any tips you have, I would gladly accept!

    1. Thanks for the prayers, Kathryn. We appreciate them. We will head back Feb. 7 to pick up the brace. (They custom fit the kids.) Homeschool groups…I just mentioned something with Sarah (comment above yours). As for homeschool group…our moms night out…we sign up to host/ plan a month. (It's one night a month). We have a set night and whoever can make can. There is not one night of the week that all of us can make it so we went with the majority for what was best for the group. It happens to be the second Tuesday of each month. Sometimes, depending on the hostess and what is happening in her family, we switch to another night. We are flexible but try to keep that second Tuesday set. (Moms do not need a changing calendar all the time.) We stay in the home and go out. It totally depends what the group is interested in or what the hostess is interested in. Field trips. Always see if any others are interested in the event that you'd like to take before planning it. Try to start setting regular events up and eventually others will join. Sometimes it takes that one person to move that mighty machine. I'd love to talk more about it and tell you how we got our group started. For now, just go for it. Plan something for the moms and then plan an event for St. Valentine's day. (We rent halls for our kids' gatherings since the diocese doesn't allow us to use the church halls without insurance and you and I are in the same diocese.)

  8. Oh shoot…I'm sorry to hear about this scoliosis business! I have a dear friend who's scoliosis was not properly corrected…she has a significant difference in hip heights…but she still wears her clothing well (she's got a great sense of style!) and went on to marry and have 2 precious kiddos! I do think pregnancy was hard on her back, hips, and pelvis. Anyway…I will be praying for your sweet daughter. Jamie Jo really summed it up perfectly…Jesus is always with her!!!

    Hope all is well…it is so very cold here again!!!!

  9. Hi Patty! Your daughter's and your challenge with scoliosis will be in my prayers. I am so sorry that this is such a long haul, but can you believe how you picked up on it? What intuition you have! God really used you to help your little one.
    Cecelia is an awesome name. Nice work!
    I love those "Pick a Pot and Paint It" places. So fun! I am not artsy at all, but it's just enough challenge for me to have fun.
    Love the new look of your blog! (Is that bull mean? I would be intimidated...just saying...)
    My husband made a stew recipe he got from the internet, and it was amazing. Sometimes you just hit a great one. Sometimes not. We've had both experiences.
    God love you and your family. So great to be reconnected :)

  10. 1st off: I bet that frosting tasted amazing on that cake!
    I wish I had words of wisdom for the scoliosis, but I don't know very much about it. That last picture is so very sweet. Definitely a keeper!

  11. I always enjoy your Daybook posts.
    Sorry to hear about your daughter's scoliosis. What a worry. I will pray for her healing. What a good eye you had; glad you caught it.
    I had been admiring those pics in your header and wondered if that was where you lived. That's awesome. And the laundry pick of your girls is... adorable.
    Jealous of your's freezing here in PA. We just had two snow days tagged on to an already 4 day weekend. I'm ready to get back to normal (and spring) here.

  12. Please get a second opinion with a chiropractor before doing anything major with the scoliosis! I had this as a child, but my doctors decided not to do anything about it. I do wish my parents had seen a chiropractor about it though! I have been living about two years in pain not knowing it was my scoliosis and waited to see a doctor until it got unbearable. I felt called to see a chiropractor instead of a orthopedic doctor and he has made a world of difference with just adjustments.

  13. Dear Patty, Ihave just looked through your blog looking up scoliosis. I love it and want to hang around!! :). My name is Michelle. I am from Sydney Australia. My 'mother's intuition' picked up a 6 degree curve (by eye) in my 4.5 year old daughter's back in August 2012. Now, at 6years and 2months .. the curve has progressed to 22 degrees. After sidestepping the Orthopaedic surgeouns lust for surgery ... it's time to brace. The past 2 weeks has been full on and my head is constantly ruminating ideas. I am a neuroscientist and lecture anatomy (including of the spine and spinal cord .. would you believe it) and so my thoughts on this are so deep the envelope my dreams. We have now been prescribed a Rigo-Style-Cheneau brace from Ortholutions in Germany .. the fitting is set for the 15th April and the prescription is that it is to be worn for 14 hours a day, but not at school. We were initially looking at a night brace, but her curve is too dynamic and waxes and wanes during an hour so we've gone for less agreesive but more in-time. I would be delighted to talk more with you Patty. Hopefully this message will send and we will be connected in cyber space. My very warmest regards to you and your beautiful family abd looking forward to keeping in touch more if you are interested, Michelle.

    1. Good morning! I'd be so happy to hear from you on how your daughter is doing. Mine is hanging in there. We actually see her doctor again next Monday, and as you well know, I'm getting a bit anxious to see how things are going with her brace. Of course I'll post.


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