Monday, January 13, 2014

Daybook Post - January 13, 2014

Outside My Window

Beautiful, beautiful weather!

I Am Thankful For

~ My home school mom friends.

~ My Confirmation students.  They are the best!

~ Your prayers!  My mom says that her hand continues to heal beautifully.

~ My husband and all that he does to provide for our family.

I Am Thinking About

~  Miss Clementine's birthday at the end of the month…our baby is going to be 2!  Her first two years have gone by crazy fast!

~ Her scrapbook.  (Which I only began this weekend.)  I always start the scrap books with their ultra sound pictures, but in her case…

…I needed 13 different ultra sound appointments while pregnant Clementine.  (And we never found out her gender  - I was determined not to :)

~ Potty training.  Once my kids start dressing and undressing themselves, that is their sign that they are typically ready to potty train.  Clementine  has reached that point now.

~  I really need to work on a new header picture for my blog.

From The School Room

~ We had a decent start to our second semester last week.

~  The harder we worked and prayed, the more monkey wrenches the devil threw at us.

~ Stan began First Communion Catechism and we are using The New St. Joseph First Communion Catechism, found here.

From The Kitchen

I posted two new recipes that we tried over the weekend.  Thanks to Jen, we had a delicious Meatless Taco Soup (Crock pot style.)

 And  those awesome Snickerdoodle Bars that Jamie Jo introduced my family to.

Tonight…pizza and salad. (Ha ha!  What a let down after the weekend!)

What I Am Reading

~ Following Mary To Jesus, found here.

I Am Praying For

~ My father-in-law

~ All those special intentions I have been asked to pray for.

~ My friend, Tiffany, who will be leaving this weekend on her pilgrimage.

~  Persistence in our home school.  (The third quarter always proves to be the hardest.)

I Am Listening To
The non stop wind.  It is strong…early in the season, too.  We usually get these winds in the spring.  Mabel was eating lunch Sunday afternoon when she yelled, "The neighbor's fence just blew down!"

Around My House & Pictures To Share

~ Sally received Swimmer of the Month Award!  (She worked HARD to earn it while working on her come back after being off four months from her knee injury.)

~ Watching big brother play out in the back yard. (I miss seeing cute baby legs and bare feet that are usually hidden on winter clothing.)

~ Saturday morning craft class at Michael's.  We took a couple of friends this time.

(They sketched and painted their own masterpieces.)

Wishing you all a blessed and fruitful week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I love your daybook posts. Congrats to your swimmer for all of her hard work! Way to go! I am going to have to check our Michael's to see if they have classes- somehow I missed that.

  2. So many good things in this post. I do love seeing your weeks. It is helpful, too, to hear your struggles as well as the good times, because we have both, too.

  3. I love them too, Patty!
    Just like talking on the phone about our days...
    Have a cozy one!

  4. I truly enjoyed your day book - and oh my do I miss baby legs running around here.

    The weather has been so wonderful, I actually have my smoker going today!!

  5. Funny, I plan to get up at my workout crazy get up time and work on the girls scrapbooks. Behind as usual but I do enjoy it sooo much! Love your blog!

  6. Oh, those baby favorite picture!! That is so true, even when springs comes and we start wearing short sleeves, I love seeing my little's arms!!!

    Thanks for the memory of arms and legs and feet....

    That soup looks wonderful, you always take such great pics of food. I'm not good at it. It has to be our lighting or something. (right?) I'm making a soup similar Saturday, I think it's called crockpot enchilada soup...

    I'm catching up...

    1. That soup easily makes 12 servings. I didn't think we'd get as much out of it as we did! It is really inexpensive for your gathering….Which, BTW, sounds like such a lovely idea. I wish we lived closer to attend :)


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