Thursday, January 2, 2014

Being A Mom Ninja

Mom-ni-po-tent: (adj)
  1. Possessing a certain special array of gifts, given by God and lived out in particular through the vocation of motherhood, that bless the family and the world.
  2. Having the ability to find lost socks, make dinner, break up fights, soothe tears, answer upwards of 1000 questions per day, and wipe noses like a ninja.
Sound good?  

I want to be that ninja…because I don't feel like that mom ninja she describes.

Danielle Bean has a great New Year's program that started just yesterday…

Time for a Change? Need to Find a Little Peace and Joy in the New Year?

120 Days to Momnipotence!

Check out Danielle's post here and join me on the 120 day adventure :)

~ Patty  ~


  1. Darn, I think Blogger at my comment...
    Already signed up and looking forward to it. The first couple days have already blessed me in the midst of miserable and sick kiddos. The short and sweet food for thought have helped my perspective. I look forward to finding my inner ninja! :)

  2. Just signed up!! Thanks for the link Patty! Hi--Ya!!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this link! I wasn't sure it was for me…until I read through some of the archived questions and it really got me thinking. I'm in! So good to visit with you!!! Hugs.


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