Saturday, December 21, 2013

Take 2

Last year's projects and materials used for Christmas decorations held up fantastically, enough so that we are able to use them again this year.

Repeat #1 …  Tomato Cage Christmas Trees.  Crazy easy tutorial found here.

(We used those same tomato cages this past summer in our garden! )

Repeat #2 … Snowflake Wreath.   Another crazy easy tutorial found here.

This wreath stayed on the front door all winter last year.  Ester did have to use the hot glue on it to whip it back into shape, but it hangs again!

Repeat #3 …  The Secret to Hanging Your Wreath Without Scratching the Door!  Found here.

(You can get a clearer idea of how the wreath hangs on the front door by looking at wreath in the above pictures.)

Repeat #4 … Candy Cane Mantel.  Inexpensive tutorial found here.

I replaced the stockings and heavy duty stocking holders with these light weight candy cane ornaments.

After a neighbor boy told us how one his mom's stocking holders fell on his head and he had to go for stitches on Christmas morning, I decided that our stockings would be hung elsewhere.

We now tie our stockings to the banister on the stair case.

Repeat #5 …  Christmas card holder.  Clipped to ribbon using clothes line pins. Tutorial can be found here.

I know a LOT of people use this technique on their kitchen cabinet doors, too.  I gently rolled up the ribbon from last year and stored it in a large ziplock bag with the wooden clothes line clips.

Update -  after Christmas last year, I read that you can use the Christmas card photos as up-to-date profile pictures on your phone of all your contacts (if you receive a picture from them.)

I.E.  With my phone, I took a picture of my sister's face from her Christmas card, and used it as an "updated" contact photo in my phone.

Pretty cool, huh?!

Advent blessings!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Very good, doable ideas. I like doable!! Merry Christmas!

  2. I love your wreath! That same hook idea is how we hang our Christmas stocking on the mantle. We put the hook so that it faces the brick fireplace and then hang the stocking over the edge. It has never failed to hold one yet!

  3. Love these ideas!! That wreath that's a pretty wreath! Love the hook idea, both for stockings like Charlotte said and your door one! Thanks for sharing these!

  4. Always love your ideas, Patty!
    And everything looks so festive. : )
    Enjoy these next few days with your beautiful family!

  5. We have no mantel this year, so we hung the stockings on the wall! I love your outside Christmas trees :)

  6. Love the "trees," I'll be doing that next year!

    Idea for Christmas cards after Christmas...keep them in a bin in the school room/area, and each week take a few out. Tack them to the wall and pray for those families all week. My kids love this weekly routine!

    :o) Becky in OR

    1. I LOVE that idea. We started it up this week. Beautiful and so thoughtful. My kids are enjoying praying for each family/ or person, one a day :)


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