Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hair Knots - The Perfect Specimen

Remember when I posted this picture?

Ester puts baby's hair up in knots in order to avoid the hair knot dilemma.

For example …

A typical morning.

She twiddles her hair into knots day and night (more so in the night time.)

We use the smallest crochet hook in the house to get them out.  (It works like a charm.)

We hope this doesn't mean there will be dread locks in her future (*wink*)!!

Advent blessings!

~  Patty   ~


  1. OMGoodness….that is hilarious! At first I was like…what in the world??? Who has such talent to do baby braids???!!! Then I reread the post. Amazing that she already twirls her hair!!! I love the idea of the crochet hook. Mary Catherine has such fine hair…it sometimes gets tangled AROUND the ponytail holder…the very device that is supposed to be controlling her golden-spun locks! Great idea.

  2. Perfect solution, and adorable as well!
    We have knots and tears here often!


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