Monday, December 16, 2013

Daybook Post - Third Week of Advent - December 16, 2013

Outside My Window

Warm sunshine.  It's going to be a beautiful December week in North Texas.  I saw the forecast, and we will be in the mid to upper 60's.  (Love it!)

I Am Thankful For

The support of home school dads.  Especially the ones who like to roll up their sleeves and get involved!

I Am Thinking About

~  My mom.  She continues to rock her recovery from her back surgery.  She will continue to wear her brace through June of 2014.

~  My father-in-law.  He is feeling better and wanting get out of bed.  That is a double-edged sword.  Since he suffers from Alzheimer's, he is quite fragile.  We are to expect more falls from him when he wants to get up.

From The School Room

~  We finished the semester  last Friday.  We are all so relieved.  When I think of the stress that comes with homeschooling during finals week, the word insane comes to mind.

It is so incredibly stressful.  All four kids…reviewing for all their subject finals…all needing the teacher at the same time…switching my brain to science - to math - to english - to spelling - etc, etc, etc -  a major juggling act.

~  Biology I Dissection Lab in our kitchen over the weekend.

There was only one other girl who was able to hook up with Sally for lab day.  The dads went to town instructing the girls during the dissection.

From The Kitchen

~ More Christmas cookie baking.

Dark Chocolate & Mint Morsel Cookies.  Recipe found here.

And a new one Mabel helped me whip up this year …

Butterscotch Gingerbread Cookies.  Recipe found here.

~ Started buying my meat from Albertson's grocery store.  I wait till the add comes out and then plan my menu around what meat is on sale.  It is saving us $$.  I like saving $$.

What I Am Reading

The Kindle version of the Advent Companion to The Magnificat just wasn't cutting it for me.

Now that school is out, I will have more time to focus on some deeper meaning and I just LOVE Archbishop Fulton Sheen!

I Am Praying For


With our finals week, I blew off any peace from Advent and the means of obtaining it.  Yet, there is no better time than the present to pick oneself up by the bootstraps and carry on, right?

My new Advent goal (something more obtainable with school break) is Patience.

I realized that one needs Patience to obtain Peace anyway….or is it persistence?

I Am Listening To

My girls in the kitchen.  Sally is washing dinner dishes.  Mabel is drying.  Ester is vacuuming the floor. all of this while Miss Clementine insists on helping wherever she can :)

Around My House

~ The ice storm took out half of our c9 ceramic lights on the front lawn.  All stores are sold out ;(

We were SO excited about those darned lights….it was the first time we put them up…talk about feeling frustrated.

A Picture To Share

I JUST received this book in the mail today!

It is SO BEAUTIFUL!  I had to share …

I purchased mine on Amazon here.  I plan on using it for the Feast of the Epiphany (Sunday, Jan. 5).

Advent blessings!

~  Patty  ~


  1. That is really too bad about your lights! I'm looking up both of the books you shared. I also enjoy holding the 'real' book much more than the Kindle, but I like my Kindle too especially for my favorite magazine subscriptions, like Victoria.
    I will be keeping your Mom and Father-n-law in my prayers.

    1. Thanks for the prayers! And I haven't seen a copy of Victoria in ages. Actually, the last time I was visiting my mom I saw that she had a copy of it in her magazine bin.

  2. Hi Patty! Now that's a day book! Lots of things happening! Which Biology did you end up going with? I remember you use a lot of Seton but I wasn't sure if you enrolled for HS and is so, is that their biology? Looks great! Happy peaceful advent:)

    1. Through Seton, we picked Biology, A Search for Order and Complexity. We found the dissection lab at (the kit that came with the dissections tools) at Home Science Tools through googling. I was nervous about it, but yes, we enrolled in the Seton HS. She is following the Military Prep Program and is taking :: Algebra, Bio with lab, Eng, World Geo, Rel, Span I, and college prep Vocab. (The vocab is only one semester.) She is handling the load well. She really enjoys the biology :)

  3. Prayers for your Mom and Father In Law both my friend...
    We are at the same place with my dad. Wanting to get up, forgetting that he can't, and almost falling... : (

    Enjoy your days of prep and home and all things Christmas.

    Your cookies look amazing! : )

    Love your daybook posts, my friend!

    1. You know that I have your back with the prayers, too :)

  4. I am reading that Fulton Sheen book too!! I love him so much!!

    Oh, my gosh, I can smell that frog right through the screen. Oh, man oh, man, brings me right back to 7th grade...I actually called in sick that day. Yep. I faked it. Terrible,huh? I still smelled those things though. Nasty! I, still, to this day, cannot touch a dead fish, I cannot skin it or anything, not even shrimp...Tom has to do it for me. Hamburger? No problem! Chicken? No problem!

    So sorry about your father in law....and praying for him and your mom. Hard things.

    I'd comment on those cookies, but I can't get the frog out of my mind...

  5. Oh my I LOVE that face! And who doesn't love dads who will handle dissection. The Three Kings book is just lovely and I must go searching for the sample of the Sheen book as well. Thank you for sharing.


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