Sunday, December 22, 2013

Daybook Post - Fourth Week of Advent 2013

(Photo credit:  Facebook)

Outside My Window

We are enjoying all of the beautiful Christmas lights in our neighborhood.  The kiddos love to look at them.  So do I!  I think I'll drive them around tomorrow tonight again ;)

I Am Thankful For

Face Time!  An early Christmas present from my beloved was a a camera for my computer screen.   It's been AWESOME face timing my mom.  (LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!)

I Am Thinking About

The last three nights.  I haven't slept this good in eons!  My cure?  A little brandy that my hubs brought home to go with my egg nog.  He makes me a little cup each night.  Cheers!

Having a little one at Christmas time again.  I am so grateful for her life and being able to experience Christmas through the eyes of a wee little one!

From The School Room

Nothing!  (And  I love the break!)  

From The Kitchen

Christmas Wreath Cookies.  Recipe found here.

I remember making these as a child.  (Yes, the recipe is THAT old!  Ha ha!)

(Photo credit ::  Kellog's website)

Cut Out Cookies.  (The BEST cut out cookie recipe I have ever sank my teeth into…found here.)

A dash of nutmeg and the sour cream used   =   yummy + moist.

Lastly, our most sought after Italian Christmas Cookies.  Recipe found here.

Except for our Christmas menu, I am done in the kitchen.   Our neighbors should be pleased with the seven varieties of cookies they'll be receiving!

What We Are Reading

Advent and Christmas with Fulton J. Sheen for myself.

Audio book ::  Rush Revere for the kids.  David downloaded it for them and they are really getting into it!

I Am Praying For

All those who are so lonely and saddened at this time of the year, may the Christ child fill their hearts with peace and comfort.

For all those who are traveling, may they have safe and joy-filled journeys with their loved ones.

For all of our military men and women and their families who are unable to be united this Christmas.

For all expectant mothers.

For all those whose hearts are filled with the desire to conceive - and have never been able to.

And for all of your special intentions.

I Am Listening To

Christmas music.  I cannot get enough :)

Around The House

The excitement for the Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve is mounting! - (Dress rehearsal pics)

My little shepherd - acting surprised when an angel appeared to bringing glad tidings!

King Herod's wife...

And Mary…

More Pictures To Share

My cutie would eat every "Cutie orange" in the house if I'd let him.  :)

She loves to watch Baby Einstein on Daddy's phone.  (Their after-bath time routine :)  Notice how she twiddles her hair?

*Baking tip ::  (And I'm sure some of you have already been doing this, but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case…)

After you mix your cut- out dough, divide and wrap individually in saran wrap, and then chill over night in the fridge.  See…

…this way, when you go to roll it out, you take out one section at a time to work with, leaving the other sections in the fridge where they stay cold and firm instead of becoming warm and even stickier to deal with.

Advent blessings!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Ohhhh! The Christmas play looks wonderful! And your babes look perfect!
    Enjoy, my dear friend...

    Merry Christmas. So glad God brought is together...

  2. What wonderful things to share in these last few days of Advent. I sure do wish I was your neighbor, those cookies look ah-mazing! I use my grandma's sour cream cut out cookie recipe every year and that's the only way to go. Everyone loves 'em! What a pageant and your kids look so cute. My big kids were just part of our parish pageant, an angel and a shepherd this year and totally enjoyed it. The hair twiddling and the thumb sucking--priceless.

    Enjoy these next few days of preparation and Christmas through little ones eyes. I have it times two this year as this will be the first year they BOTH get it. Should be interesting :)

    1. Sarah, you know my sentiments about being neighbors reflect yours :) I've been thinking about you and your Irish twins…thinking about all the excitement in your house this Christmas! :)

  3. I meant to make those wreath cookies this Christmas, but somehow I forgot along the way. We celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, however, so I might yet make them. Thank you for the reminder. I love the Christmas pageant pictures. I wish our church had more children's activities such as this. They only have a choir. Those cookies do look and sound yummy. I will have to try them. My Sam eats those cuties by the bag, too. I am having some trouble finding them this year, however. My Quentin twirled his hair just like that as a baby. He still does sometimes when he is very tired. :)

    1. You can make those wreaths for St. Valentine's day, too…using red and turning them into hearts perhaps? Our choir director is amazing, and our parish is truly blessed to have her in their midst. They were on sale for $3.88 for a 5 lb container. I thought that was a GREAT price!

  4. Everything is always so warm and friendly here, I love it. It's like coming home.

    I love what you said about having a little one again at Christmas. It's so true. Everything is new. They love it all. My 2 and 4 year olds, love everything. The older kids are excited and happy too, but it's not the same. Simeon opened up a birthday present from Grandma yesterday and it was cars, he kept saying "car car car car car car car car car car" only many more times than that. He tummy butts the Christmas tree, running full speed. Have to laugh, because he won't do that next year. (gosh, I'm tearing up) Kids when they get excited, it's with their whole heart. They hold nothing back.

    To see Christmas through the eyes of a child. That's my goal.

    Oh, and those wreath cookies, I made those when I was a kid with my auntie...I'm going to have to tag her on facebook with those! Thanks for the memory. I think I"m older than you, so the recipe is that old...(44) I think I was either 8 or 10 when I made those with her.

    1. I would love to see Little Red tummy butt the tree! He is so darn cute! I think our Miss C would enjoy hanging out with him, too ;) I believe that you, Billie Jo, Valerie, and I are all born in the same year! ha! We have our own club going ;)


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