Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cornucopia Sunday

Her First Frenchies ~

Unlucky Victims ~ (Sally and a friend will be dissecting these "house guests" for biology class under the guidance of David today :)

Texas sized joke ~  (I think a few readers thought this was the real star for our tree!)

Ummm…that's just my silly husband.  Ha ha!  This is the finished look …

Christmas Caroling ~  (Some of our home school group spreading joy to residents at a local nursing home.)

(Delivering home made Christmas cards :)

Girls' Baking Party ~  (Our Little Flower & Little Women gather every December to bake and exchange Christmas cookies.)

(Photos by :: my friend, Camille)

Our Little Flowers group has 20 little girls and our Little Women group has 15 young ladies.  This particular branch is full.  I believe there is another group that is in the process of forming to accommodate new families that enroll in our home school group.

First 500 Freestyle ~

(No pic), but Sally swam her first 500 Free at a swim meet over the weekend.  That equates to 20 laps at racing pace!!  We are very proud of her accomplishment!

Winter Wonderland ~

I special order this one from Village Candle  every!  single!  Advent!

It's been around for-EVER, but very, very difficult to find local suppliers.

Here's the candle's description on Village Candle website ::

Frosty evergreen garland is blended with sweet Siberian Balsam and white cedar wood. Set a peaceful mood that is reminiscent of a walk in the freshly fallen snow with this classic fragrance

It smells like heaven, I tell you!

Advent blessings!

~  Patty  ~


  1. You seem to be having a wonderful Christmas holiday. Your tree is beautiful.

  2. Oh Patty!
    The braids...she is adorable!
    God is good to us moms, isn't He?
    Enjoy the season with your loves!

  3. OH, those braids, melt my 4 year old will not let me braid her hair...neither will her sisters anymore. (but I have fuzzy, red, soft, messy, almost 2 year old hair to kiss:)

    Love your tree, so pretty, giant star or not! haha!
    I have a similar candle...might be called the same thing, different brand name, I love it!

  4. How I would love your Little Flowers read my books! I am celebrating my first Internet interview on:

    The first eBook in the Holiday Series is a free on Amazon.

    The promotion is December 16 - 20th.

    In "No Christmas for Olivia" the main character decides she won’t celebrate Christmas. What she doesn’t know is that Christmas comes whether you want it or not! In the story, Olivia is hurt and angry that her family is going to visit Aunt Fran in Phoenix over Christmas vacation. It means there will be no trip to the tree farm to cut a Christmas tree. Her beloved decorating traditions will go out the window. And absolutely no snow on Christmas Eve! Olivia decides to skip Christmas this year. Her parents can make her go to Arizona but they can't make her enjoy the holidays! Follow Olivia out to Phoenix as she learns the true meaning of Christmas.

    Mary Ellen

  5. Hi Patty! Kudo's to your little one for staying so still getting her hair done! That takes everyone's patience to accomplish.

    Your husband is such a funny guy...and your tree is lovely.

    I swam the 500 free in college. I think mostly because I was the only one who would do it :) Talk about patience. And I loved those fellow swimmers who would flash what lap I was on at the turn. You can forget sometimes!

    My mother-in-law was in a nursing home, and her sister is in assisted living. They LOVED the carolers. (And the little Girl Scouts that ran Bingo.) Your efforts make so many happy, and it was great to see all the photos. You got quite a crowd! It really brightens their day.

    Blessings on your bakers too. Sounds like a thriving group!

  6. We went singing at a nursing home as well, it was small group but the kids loved it and so did the residents. That star is killing me on your tree, I love it!
    Such pretty braids and what a great Little Flowers & Little Women group, we need something like this for my daughter.


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