Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Traditions - Christmas Frames Edition

Never planning for this tradition, it has certainly unfolded into one of my favorites!  It may be the nostalgic person inside me or the love of family photos, whatever the case, picking out the perfect picture frame for each individual story told on print has become a tradition I look forward to every year.

Here's a few ...

The second one from the right?  Ester's 1st Christmas….only 4 short months after she had open heart surgery!!   

The one above with  the girls wearing santa hats?  That is one of my favorites.  We were in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that December :)

Above left,  we have a new baby sister.  Check out all of her hair (she was 8 weeks old!)

Above right::  The CLASSIC silent scream!  Ha ha ha!!

Above right ::  Our first Christmas with a baby brother.  Another favorite of mine!

(Can you tell I was going through my "matching clothes" phase?!  Ha ha!)

Above left ::  Our first Christmas in Texas.  Check out those cowboy hats!

Above left ::  The year I turned 40!  I wanted a family gift…season passes to Sea World…one of the BEST gifts EVAH!

Last year's photo…a new baby sister!

Bonus ::  Set these all over your house for a sweet way to decorate as well :()

Advent blessings!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Love love love!!
    Never thought of this!!!!
    Where do I find these??
    You are awesome, my dear friend. : )

    1. Billie Jo, I have picked them up every Christmas season either at Kohl's or Hobby Lobby. (Mostly Kohl's though.) :)

  2. All the blessings through the years. I do this too but I have to think of a new place for mine through the years. I always hung them on my kitchen wall but recently too all those frames down for a huge canvas. But I'm like you... love the frames of Christmas pasts. I soooo know what you mean about Christmas without kids of your own... Anna didn't come along until we were married 9 years. 8 Christmases without a baby... now that was hard.

    1. Tara, mine are the pictures that went on Christmas cards and then I put them in table top frames. I place them all over my kitchen c-tops and living rooms during Advent and Christmas and they make great decorations ;) The kids LOVE to see them pulled out each year. Our traditional family photos are the ones I hang on the walls.

  3. So sweet! What a great idea. I have all of our Christmas photo-mailer cards saved from over the years…I should frame them!!! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!!! We sure did…I was just glad that the flu bug didn't stop us from celebrating.


    1. I had to come back again b/c last night my computer was acting up and I could not see all of the pictures!!! Very cute frames, but even cuter kids!!! P.S. I love the matching clothes phase! I'm a huge fan myself. :)

  4. Oh, my gosh, I love this tradition!! I'd have no place to put these photos....our nativity sits on our mantel...Oh, I'd love to do this though...

    Thanks for sharing, loved those photos!!

    1. Thanks, Jamie Jo. I kind of just put mine everywhere. They have taken the place of all the other Christmas decorations, very slowly.

  5. It has Great picture frames and beautiful..


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