Friday, December 6, 2013

Celebrating St. Nicholas

Yowzer!  Through sunshine and a raging sleet & ice storm, did we celebrate!!

With Home School Friends ~


We had to move the date since the storm was suppose to hit.

Two of the mothers in our home school group organized a St. Nicholas feast day party for the kids.  In all, 8 families were able to attend - not bad for a last minute date change.

The sweet mom, third from right, opened up her "homestead" and invited the gang over.  Wednesday's weather was gorgeous….sunny and 80 degrees!

There were arts and crafts.



A mini-jump house!

And even chickens to chase!

Celebrating With Family ~

Waitin' for St. Nick, Texas style!

And he delivered - even through the ice storm that hit!

The kids each received a bag of chocolate gold coins as well as a new Christmas book.

Sally's …


Mabel's …

Stan's …

Clementine's …

And since sweet Clementine has not a cowgirl boot of her own, St. Nick left something extra special in her tiny, little shoe …

That cute, little St. Nicholas doll can be found here, on Amazon.

At first, she wasn't quite sure what to think...

But it didn't take her long to figure things out ...

Ester enjoyed a good read before school started.  (Yes, school.  We had already taken off Wednesday.)

Clementine thought St. Nicholas would like some waffles, too :)  By the way, she's in a booster seat now.  She LOVES it!  Maybe that's why she decided to eat breakfast this morning?  (She's our non-eater.)

We pulled out some of our St. Nicholas books to read throughout the day …

And we always watch one of our favorite movies …

My mom and dad taught my brothers and sisters how to celebrate the Feast of St. Nick when we were little.  I'm so happy to carry on the tradition!  (I love being Catholic!!)

The older three girls helped David clear the debris from the maple tree that was crushed by the weight of the ice.   That is NOT snow…all sleet and ice!

(I can't tell how sad this makes me.  We planted it over five years ago and this is a newer subdivision…so it was our only tree.)

Many hands make light work…right?

I made, not one, but two of our traditional candy cane coffee cakes!

Candy Cane coffee cake recipe found here.

St. Nicholas napkins found at St. Nicholas Center.

And a cup of hot cocoa was in order after helping their dad clear the debris outside!

St. Nicholas Bishop of Myra

There is little factual information on the life of St. Nicholas.  Many of the stories are legend, but speak of a man who truly loved Christ and spread the love of the Gospel in his everyday life.  While we don't know many facts, we do know that St. Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra, Southwest coast of Turkey in the 4th century, or around 3250 A.D.  

There are many legends surrounding the life of St. Nicholas.  The most popular story tells the tale of a man with three daughters.  The man lost all of his money, and without a dowry (the money needed for a new family to get started), his daughters could not get married!  St. Nicholas heard of their sadness and secretly threw bags of money through their windows at night.  When they woke up in the morning, they found the money and with great joy they were able to get married!

Ever since then, it has been the tradition in many countries to leave your shoes or stockings out the night before the feast of St. Nicholas, and in the morning to find a nice surprise waiting for you!
Exchanging gifts was also a popular tradition on the feast of St. Nicholas, and over time in English speaking countries, St. Nicholas became known as Santa Claus.  ~

Happy feast of St. Nicholas!

~  Patty  ~


  1. What a festive day, even in spite of the storm! Oh, I am so sorry about that tree. I know exactly how that is. Thankfully you were left with electricity... trees around us are pretty large by now (we waited a loooong time for that to happen), so when limbs go they often take down power lines. I am holding my breath, for your storm is headed my way. But this post is a wonderful burst of joy and festivity! Thanks for sharing the FUN!

    1. We are lucky to have power. Many of our friends were without. I kept trying to focus on that. Hope it isn't as bad as it was when it was sucking up all of our warm, moist air front the gulf.

  2. Happy Saint Nicholas Day! :) I love the way your family celebrates and I really love Clementine's face when she figured it out! Too cute!!

    I can't believe you have had snow (or ice rather)!! It was 79 degrees here today!

    1. I know!! It was 80 the day before it hit us. We were in shorts and had some red cheeks from being out in the sunshine all afternoon. Crazy weather!

  3. What a festive, festive day, Patty!
    I love it all. : )
    I have my eye on those napkins...heading over there now! : )
    Glad you are all safe and sound...sorry about your tree. : (

    1. Oh...and I love your new look here. : )

    2. Thanks, Billie Jo! I was going to send you a pic of the tree after, but I don't have the heart to look at it.

      I thought the colored acorns needed to go. I always get nervous messing with the blog design. Glad you like it ;)

  4. Happy feast day! All beautiful- the party, the books, the boots (my favorite!). I am sorry for your pretty tree! We have had record cold here too, but have yet to loose any trees or fruit.

    1. Thanks, Laurie. You know, Christmas Mosaic has a beautiful list of titles for older kids. I think mine are very happy with the ones they received. :) Happy feast day to you!

  5. Happy Feast Day! Love all your ideas and books! My kids got coins and candy canes this year, but St. Nick will step it up next year using some of your gift ideas! I'm stealing your candy cane coffee cake idea too :) I'm about to write my St. Nick Feast day post (if the baby will stop fussing for me :) ) Sorry about your tree :(

  6. Wow, you REALLY know how to celebrate. I love it all.

  7. What a day! And what wonderful ways to celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas, one of my favorite days since childhood. The 80 degrees and shorts made me smile as my thermometer this AM says -15 degrees :)
    Love your new header and FINALLY just stopping by to say 'hi' here since it's been so long.

    Advent Blessings, dear friend!

    1. Sorry, Patty. I guess it really has been so long that Google doesn't even recognize me any more. lol. It's me, Sarah from MN :)

  8. Hi Patty! Love your celebration of St. Nicholas. Even down to the coffeecake :) I love the header too...I'll miss the acorns, but I'll get over it. The creche is so cute and 'kid friendly'!
    Your homeschool jam looked so fun (why don't they make bouncy houses for adults???)
    Happy Weekend!

  9. Patty, we read Bear Stays Up for Christmas every 4 year old loves that book!

    Wow, what a extreme change in weather, so happy you were able to celebrate before the storm hit!
    You made it a beautiful day anyway, loved the boots! And the special breakfast!


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