Monday, November 11, 2013

What We Learned About Obama Care

 Obama Care ::  It Will Affect Everyone!

I feverishly took notes as we met with our health insurance agent.  After the first 30 minutes, I had to quit.  I could not keep up.  Between picking my jaw up off the floor and remembering to breathe with each new tidbit of information he was trying to give us, I had to quit.

Below is a list of how Obama care WILL affect each individual in this country.  You may not see it now, but it is happening and your personal situation will become more pronounced within the year. 

NOTE:  This is summed up in simple terms.  The depth of the details goes back to our health insurance agent.   It was such a rapid fire discussion because one explanation opened a new can of worms for another explanation and so on and so forth.  It's simply mind-boggling.

1.)  The only "good" news is that we were grandfathered in for one year.  Thank you, Texas!  You see, each state could make up their mind if they wanted to grandfather in or just kick start when Obama care was officially suppose to start.  Texas decided to give their private insurance owners one year to figure out the mess.

Other states, like Illinois, kicked started Obama care immediately.  Those who are losing the insurance plan that they've had (and were quite happy with) will need to switch by January 1, 2014.  It begins with private insurance holders and will branch out to all, except those in Congress.

They will roll out the new victims at the beginning of each month.  So if you haven't received a notice yet, you are not free and clear.

2.)  Our premiums "may" only go up AT LEAST 50%, but be prepared for the 165% increase that we were quoted a few weeks ago.

By the end of 2014, the insurance industry expects 194 million people to lose the insurance they have.  That's most likely you who are reading this.

The government deferred particular corporations or groups with more than 50 employees for one year as to  "ease" the economy and the shock of the voters.  (Remember, there's a BIG election coming again in 2014.)  They began with the folks, who purchase private health insurance, like David and myself.

3.)  You ALL will be affected.  How?  One example, if you or your spouse are employed by a large corporation or company (as stated above in point #2), you will see your spouse or dependents dropped, OR you will lose your pay raises or bonuses that you depend on, OR you may be given an insurance allowance (something similar to a car allowance) and told to go buy your own, OR they may increase your premiums where you cannot afford to pay.  This will be a "gentle" nudge to move you to Obama care.  Then the hammer drops.  The hammer is going to drop.

Why would they do this?  Because contrary to what Big Government wants you to believe, many corporations simply will not be able to afford this new health care.  Period.  They will be passing the cost down to their employees.   The cost ALWAYS gets passed down to the consumer.

4.)  THIS IS A BIG ONE::  Best and most hospitals WILL BE out-of-network!  They cannot afford to take the cuts that come with accepting Obamacare subsidies.  What are Obamacare subsidies?  Picture Peter paying for Paul.  If Mr. Jones cannot afford his Obamacare, then Mr. Smith will cover the cost by paying even higher premiums than before.  What??  I thought Obamacare was to take care of this problem.  Sorry.  It is all a lie.  Obamacare is filled with enticing allurements to take as many subsidies as possible in order to keep the shoppers' premium cost down.  But there is a hidden price tag.  It comes in many forms, only a few described in this post. (I've perused the govt website and was stunned at how they glamorize the subsidies!!)

Back to the hospitals.  They will not take any Obamacare subsidies as to not risk their quality of care.  What kind of costs cuts are we talking about?  Up to 60%.  I sure as hell do not want to go to a hospital that does not have adequate equipment or care.

So what do you do if you want only the best but your Obamacare won't cover it?  That's your problem to figure out.

Currently, 3 out of 4 hospitals are declining Obama care.  They are going to out-of-network.

5.)  Doctors.  Be prepared to lose your doctor.  Maybe not right now, but within a year or two.  If your doctor refuses to take the subsidies cut (up to 60%), he will not be put on the list of networked doctors.  That is his personal choice and you cannot blame him if he chooses to take cash only or retire or even go into teaching.  

6.)  Obamacare insurance has county boundaries now.  Up to now, you had state boundaries.   In other words, if you live in County A, but the next best hospital or even a decent hospital is in County B and that's where you have to go, you will have to pay out-of-network.  That's BIG BUCKS coming out of your pocket.  *I'm not sure if this is for Obama care insurance and private insurances or just Obama care insurance.  At least for now.

7.)  This is going to hit self-insured groups as well.  Not as bad as private for now.  I forgot the example he threw out, but it is coming and you should be working with an health insurance agent if you are part of a self-insured group.

8.)  Insurance companies will be working with the pharmacies on a contractual deal on the cost of drugs.  If pharmacies do not comply, the insurance can refuse to cover that pharmacy.  That effects every! single! person! and their doctor.  

9.)  Premiums.  The cheap Obamacare premiums come with a "cost".  If you go for the less expensive premium, you have what's called the Bronze Level.  (There are five levels of coverage, Bronze being the lowest.)  

With Bronze coverage, you may receive a lower premium than what you do with your current insurance BUT NOTE, the coverage is MUCH WORSE!  You will actually end up paying out of pocket greater amounts. 

With the Bronze level, you are expected to pay 40% of your bills.  That's a lot!  I'm not speaking of a 60/40 deductible, I'm speaking you pay 40% of all your bills.  

Silver Level is next and you pay 30% of your bills.  This comes with a much higher premium cost.  Higher than what you are currently paying.

There's Gold, Platinum and then two forms of Catastrophic.  Unless you have been unemployed for three months or under a "young" age, you do not qualify for Catastrophic level.  (There's other factors involved but that about sums it up with Catastrophic.)

10.)  Security.  We were advised to avoid putting any personal information into the government health website at all costs.  Security.  Security.  Security.  

11.)  Subtle changes.  You may have noticed them already.  Coverage being cut here or there.  Small premium increases for this upcoming year, etc.  This is ONLY the beginning for your family and situation.  Remember, 194 million people are expected to lose their current coverage.  The Obama administration knew this.

12.)  Here's another BIG one.  What is your income?  The Obama care insurance will quote you coverage on your income before deductions.  That's legalized robbery.  

For example::

Let's say Joe Smith makes $120,000.00 prior to deductions.  His take home pay is actually $70,000.00 after deductions, taxes, etc. Well, the government says that they will base your new premium costs on the $120,000.00 not the actual bring home pay.

Here's another…

Joe Smith is a small self-employed business owner and makes $120,000.00 before taxes and deductions.  

Bob Jones works for a corporation and makes the same, $120,000.00 before taxes.  

Joe Smith, after taxes and company expenses actually brings home $70,000.00. 

Bob Jones, after taxes, brings home $100,000.00.  ($30,000.00 more in income.)

Both Joe and Bob will be  assessed based on their "before taxes" income regardless of expenses and taxes.

Fair and balanced??  

My kids can even see the flaw in that math!

13.)  There are (as of last week) 13 taxes that will be added on the insurance industry by Obama care that the public will pay.

One in particular is a 1.8 billion dollar tax!!!  It is to be levied equally on all of the health insurance companies.  Guess who ends up paying for this?  We, the people.


Do you see why I put my pen down and stopped taking notes.  I knew the Obama care plan was wrong, but never suspected of being this horrific.  

Remember their motto::  "Pass it now, read it later?"


A friend of mine is a nurse, her husband an ER physician.  She just informed me that only some physicians were "invited" to be part of the network.

This begs the question, if the government is only inviting certain doctors into the program, just who the hell are these doctors??

The phrase death panel immediately comes to my mind.

This has been set up to fail….it completely opens the path to a single payer program.  In the near future, you will not have an insurance carrier choice at all.  Please take the blinders off.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty ...I read this out loud to Steve last night and he totally agrees! As a business owner himself he strongly agrees...

    He actually reread this again this morning and asked me to be sure to tell you thanks and good job!

    Praying praying praying!

    1. No one is hearing of this if they aren't inquiring, and most folks are too frozen and afraid to inquire. Too many good folks still have blinders on. The insurance agents are a wealth of knowledge.

      I could have written it better, maybe I'll go back and clean it up, but trying to type it quickly while juggling my family…it wasn't an article that you could come back to and write. I had to do it quickly while it was still fresh on my mind.

      Yup, lot's of prayers are needed. Sadly, our country permanently changed after he was elected the second time.

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  3. The best health care system in the world is in its way out. I am still shocked at how everyone is surprised at the outcome of this debacle Senator Obama talked about a nationalized plan. That is his goal. This was the fastest path to that goal. I just can't see why anyone would want this screw up. Thank you for sharing in these very real and simple terms. I do know of a few doctors that plan to work outside the system for as long as they legally can. Costly for both the doctor and the patient.

    1. Neen, you couldn't be any more spot on. I actually read a comment on FB yesterday that went like this :: "I thought Obamacare didn't affect you if you already have insurance??"

      Oh my gosh! There are no words.

    2. Another comment I heard on FB…"I thought it was a good idea until I had to pay." Seriously? #1) So it is okay for someone else to have to pay? #2) You seriously thought you were immune?

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  5. Oh, I have to come back when I have time....

  6. I was recently talking about just this (with some friends) and how it will be affecting everyone. It's all so darned depressing. I just have to revert back to Jesus, I trust in you, no matter what happens. It's too much for me to think about without Him.


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