Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Special Moments in the Hughes House

We remember his official adoption day every November 3 (2006)  with chocolate cake!  


Sally's baptism birthday is today.  We always remember this important date in their lives with a small, faith-based gift and a lighting of their original baptismal candle.

I picked up the book The Incorruptibles for her.  It is such a fascinating subject!


Dallas Symphony Orchestra field trip at the Meyerson's Symphony Center downtown Dallas. 

 So amazing!  I took the middle three yesterday morning with our home school group.  There were oodles of school children there for the field trip and all so well-behaved!  

What a delight for children, especially when our tickets were $6 each!  

The program we saw was the Organ Odyssey for DSOKids.  You can find the info here.


The Cathedral Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe is located right across the street from the symphony hall so we stopped in and went to the adoration chapel for a few minutes.

A beautiful day even though it was cloudy and gray out!

Happy Wednesday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I love your special days, dear friend...

    So inspiring! : )

    Happiness to all this Wednesday!

  2. What wonderful traditions you have in your family! Happy November to you!! <3

  3. Hugs to my little buddy, Mr. S.:) Aren't field trips food for the soul? Looks like fun! I think Hank has been to that Cathedral…It seems like I remember him telling me about it? Beautiful that they had Adoration going on…That sure made it a "Son" shiny day for sure:) Love that book! Picked it up before Hank and I went to Europe and even more fascinating to see some in person. God bless your celebrations!

    1. I imagine Hank has been here. How amazing that you were able to see the incorrupt bodies of some saints in person!! You have had a couple of great pilgrimages. I'll tell Mr. S you say "hi" :)

  4. I loved today's post!!! I love that you celebrate baptismal dates…and adoption dates. We've never celebrated baptismal days…is it too late to start???!!! As Billie Jo said…so inspiring!

    1. Thank you, Valerie. It is never too late to start…according to our priest :) Actually, I heard another priest give a sermon on the same subject, remembering ones' baptismal birthday about 7 years ago. That's when we started if my memory serves me correctly.

  5. Trying to get caught up....your special days are done with so much love, we all feel special just reading about them! God bless you...


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