Monday, November 25, 2013

My First Daybook Post

Outside My Window

Ice.  Not the thick, close-everything-down, knock-the-power-out kind, but ice none the less.  (Seriously early for North Texas.)  Just last week we were wearing shorts and flip flops.

I Am Thankful For

My washer and dryer.   I appreciate  their hard work more and complain less about the laundry.

I Am Thinking About

My father-in-law.   He is not doing well.  We hate to see him in pain.  My husband and his entire family.  Having lost a parent, I feel so bad for them all as they wait for his time to come.  It's a state of limbo here on earth.

Thanksgiving.  And all good things that come along with it.

Advent preparations.  Advent begins this Sunday, December 1!

From The Schoolroom

We are taking a one week vacation from school for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Most schools in Texas do this so there will be plenty of laughter coming from  children's voices outside playing.

From The Kitchen

All things Thanksgiving:  David will be smoking a small turkey, I will roast a small turkey breast, all the trimmings and sides, and dessert of course :)

I Am Reading

Nothing for me personally.  I have found that my desire to prepare for my Confirmation class is ferocious.  A good thing I suppose.  These children only receive religious education once a week for 1.5 hours.  That's SO LITTLE amount spent on religious formation.  I take two days to plan for the class, so my free time is taken up with that.  I supplement their program with an ENORMOUS amount of meat and potatoes from the St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism. It explains the faith without all the warm and fuzzy, feel good vibes that many other programs present. (After teaching in a Catholic school for 8 years and homeschooling my children for 10, next to the Bible, I have found no better manual than the St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism.)

I Am Praying

Fervently for my father-in-law.  For my husband and in-laws.  For a dear friend's father.

I Am Listening To

Well, getting ready to open up my bin of Christmas music. The joyful sounds bring me closer to Christ in this soon-to-be season of Advent.

Around The House

Window blinds. We will be cleaning them today.  I try to clean them every few months.  I've also eliminated them in the rooms where I can, and placed room darkening curtains in their place.  I do NOT like to clean the blinds.

A Picture To Share  (Okay, three pictures :)

(Hot cocoa and peppermint mallows - a special treat for the kids on a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon.)

(The oldest with the youngest, snuggling on the couch while watching movies.)

(Fresh from the winter garden.)

~  Patty  ~


  1. HI Patty! What a fun entry to read! I know a few other bloggers who do this, and it's great to get to know you a little better.

    Happy week off from school! Maybe you can giggle a little bit too? I am sorry for all the ice, yuk. Right now it's snowing here in the Midwest, but I don't think it's supposed to stick.
    We are expecting my daughter and her little family to arrive on Wednesday, so I am in cleaning and prep mode. It's actually fun for a change!
    I hope you'll have a peaceful holiday, and I do have all of you and your father-in-law in my prayers. I know it is so hard to see those we love in failing health. I know you have a tender heart for that.

    1. Thanks so much for the prayers and kind words, Ceil. :)

  2. Patty,
    I so enjoyed this...
    I love a peek into your life, and I know if we could erase the miles, we would share our lives in person. I continue to pray for your family...
    Love the pictures...especially the snuggly one with your two sweet daughters. : )

    1. The internet can be good for so many things, especially online friendships :)

  3. Lovely post!! I might join you. I have never done a daybook post. I love your garden! Praying for your Father-in-Law.

    1. I've always wanted to do a daybook post. I've seen them around so many countless times. Go for it! I'd love to read yours :) Thanks for the prayers, Laurie. It is truly appreciated.

  4. What a lovely visit!! And such beautiful photos, as always. AND - your zesty slow cooker chicken barbecue recipe shared several days ago (THANK YOU) is presently cooking in my kitchen, and my house smells soooo good that I think we could eat the walls :)...!

    1. I'm trying it next weekend! : )

    2. Nancy, you gave me a well-needed laugh out loud with your comment! I hope you enjoyed it :)

  5. Love this post and a peek into your world! Praying for your father in law too. ~tara

    1. Thanks for the prayers, Tara. They are greatly appreciated and bring comfort to so many.

  6. I'm with you on cleaning blinds. It's one of the worst jobs. Prayers for your family

  7. I haven't seen peppermint marshmallows yet! Sounds yummy. Lots of prayers for you my friend :)

  8. I love daybook posts but never knew what the order of events was! Lol (Or if I was supposed to be linking somewhere)? Gotta love that Texas weather!? Could be wearing flip flops on Thanksgiving. LOL Your heart sounds heavy so I'm lifting you up. Enjoy that smoked turkey and yummy fresh greens. Blessed Thanksgiving to you all:)

  9. Such a sweet picture of Sally & Clementine!

  10. Great post!! Love to hear what others are up to. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful family.


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