Sunday, November 10, 2013

Emotions Overload

I do not like saying good bye when you know you may not see someone for a very long time, possibly never again.  

Saying "good bye" can be so sad and turn  a grown person into a blubbering bucket of tears.  My kids and I try to infuse the moment with smiles, hugs, extra play time, more hugs,  and pictures.  Finally, there is one more hug that includes a  "God bless you".

One of our homeschooling families on the street moved away to Colorado this past week.  We are sure going to miss them!

They gifted us with their bucket of hockey sticks!

They "wanted to give the sticks to kids who would appreciate them and carry on the tradition on our street."      

I know!  Pretty dang sweet, right?!

The bucket of sticks will truly be loved and put to good use :)


Health Insurance meeting with agent.

Best case scenario ::  Our premium "may only" go up  a minimum of 50%.

I'll save all the gory details for a different post.


Waiting for Mom to figure out self-timer on camera.

The posed picture

All dressed up and somewhere to go!

Woo Hoo!

Friday afternoon we attended the Nuptial Mass of the daughter of dear friends of ours.  It was simply beautiful!

The bride and her beloved.  Both home school graduates.  Joe hails from New York and they met through a Catholic online social site for home school teens.

Their family friend made the bridal gown.  It was SO elegant!!


There were 16 attendants, 8 on both sides.  All 16 attendants had been home schooled!  The wedding reception was like a huge home school convention I tell you.  It was AMAZING to see all these people partying up (about 200) and the majority of them home schooled.

And did they par-tay!  Oh my word!


Parents of the bride, our dear friends, Lucy and Steve.  Steve is also Miss Clementine's godfather.

Fr. Bruce Bradley, the officiate of the Nuptial Mass, giving the dinner blessing at the reception.

Fr. Bradley was our friends' pastor prior to being assigned to our parish.  He introduced our family to  Steve and Lucy's family, and the rest is…well... history :)

(David is SERIOUSLY that much taller than Steve!  Ha ha!)

(David was attempting to squat to Steve's height here.)

We miss Fr. Bradley.  He was only at our parish for a short time.  

I love my man!  I don't know about you ladies, but I LOVE a man in a suit & tie (and uniform!)  Ba-da-bing!

Steve, with a sleeping Miss Clementine, his goddaughter…


Birthday boy turned 45 on Saturday.

When he walked in the door after a hard day at work, he took me for a twirl around our own dance floor.

(Photo credit: Mabel )

I love dancing with him!

We worked on our 3-step before having friends over for a chili dinner celebrating him :)

Happy 45th to my beloved!  Praying that God blesses us with many more twirls in our lifetime :)

Love, Hugs, & loads of Kisses,

~  Patty  ~


  1. Such a sweet post! I am so sorry that you are losing dear friends!!! That stinks. Question…wouldn't they need the hockey sticks in Colorado???!!! LOL The wedding reception looked like so much fun…the bride was just glowing. And your husband is handsome…happy birthday to him!!! May you have many more years twirling together!!! God bless you all!

    1. HOckey sticks…they couldn't fit them into the truck so they gave them to our kids :)

  2. Patty!!!!! AND YES, I AM SHOUTING, because you, my dear friend are GORGEOUS in that family picture!!!!!! I love your hair, makeup, dress...everything!!!! And it is a beautiful pic of you all.

    Ok, moving on...Happy Birthday to your man. I love your love. What an awewsome testament to marriage you are.

    Sorry about your friends moving...

    And so glad you all had fun at the wedding. : )

    Oh...and to answer your question...I got that cute Thanksgiving wooden playset years ago at Terry's Village online. I just checked, and they no longer carry it. There is a very cute resin set of little Pilgrims and Indians, though. : )

    Happy Sunday afternoon, my sweet friend.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the wooden play set. I saw a wooden play set, very simple, of the Nativity on, but it was extremely over priced. Thanks for checking and getting back. And thanks for the kind words!! It's always fun to dress up. We don't do it that often ;)

  3. GREAT PHOTOS! What a BEAUTIFUL family. God bless!

    SO nice to hear about Catholic homeschoolers finding each other.

    1. Thank you, Allison. It was totally amazing to be part of. That's what I want for my kiddos :) If not the priesthood or convent ;)

  4. Oh MY goodness…That has got to be the sweetest post, ever! (minus the sadness of your friends move:( Your love with David just twirls right out of your blog! Just loving your hair a little longer…You look beautiful and youthful, blending into your family photo like one of the kids:).

  5. Oh Patty, I LOVE that family picture! What a wonderful weekend you had. I'm so sorry about your dear neighbors' move, though. That's so hard. We live on a wonderful street like yours, too, and I would be crushed if any of my neighbors moved. Have a great week! <3

  6. Sigh... i wanna live where you live... I feel so lonely here!


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