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The cornucopia - a symbol of abundance and nourishment.  I love the definition, and it really makes me ponder …how can I do with less?  Is that item a want or a need?  How can I simplify more since simplicity always brings me the most joy?

Lately around our house ~

Polenta - If you are Slovenian, you know what this is!

I grew up on this having my Slovenian mother make it as a side dish to go with many meals.

November 13 is the feast of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini (Mother Cabrini), my daughter's confirmation saint, and since it's been about six months since she was confirmed, I thought it was a good time to reflect on Mother Cabrini.

I looked up something to serve at mealtime for this saint on Catholic Cuisine and saw the polenta, (a.k.a. cornmeal mush).  I just followed the directions on the back of the corn meal container and served it with a creamy tomato sauce.

I must add…it was good, but not as good as my mother makes it :)

*We have since added this feast day to our Liturgical Living calendar.

So my boys had another monthly Troops of St. George camp out.   My little, dirty secret ...  I  look forward to those weekends.  :)

Pretty, no?

It tasted HORRIBLE!!

The girls and I picked it up for a "Girls' Weekend" special treat at Whole Foods.  I'll need to read the ingredients better next time.  The frosting was apparently unsweetened, all natural, healthy stuff…I swear I tasted fish oil in it!  The girls couldn't finish their pieces either.

I hate to admit it, but it went into the trash can.  (It was that bad.)

Those nativity baby blocks I made?

HUGE  HUGE  hit with Miss Clementine!

Last Sunday's dinner.

Zesty Slow Cooker Chicken Barbecue

Serve on buns, bread, or even rice with a side of veggies…delicious!

Recipe found here.

And home made pumpkin pie for dessert - (recipe is from the back of Libby's can of pumpkin filling.)

Have I told you we love our Sundays?  :)

Radio City Christmas Spectacular with The Rockettes.

We would LOVE to see this live!!

We found one on Netflix instant …  someone was mesmerized :)

Lawdy be!!

For anyone looking for the most amazing Nativity story ever presented on stage…(in my humble opinion) have to see this Christmas Spectacular. The Nativity story begins around the 60 minute mark (the musical is about 90 minutes) and it is beautiful, gorgeous, stunning all in one breath.

Remember, it is available on Netflix instant right now :)

School break.

We will be taking the entire Thanksgiving week off from school.  Another reason why I start our homeschool in July.

Grand finale ~

I took these two photos at the beginning of the November…

Since Miss Clementine literally twiddles her hair into knots, her sister, Ester, tied her hair into two big knots hoping to deter the habit :)


Father-in-law update ::  Late Tuesday, he was moved back to the assisted living facility with the help of hospice.   Alzheimer's has taken a terrible toll, and my father-in-law is resting comfortably.  It is all wait and see.  We are relieved he is in a familiar surrounding and his pain is being managed.

The love you have shown through your prayers, words cannot express the gratitude.  They are powerful and uplifting to the spirit.  God bless you.

~  Patty  ~


  1. I just want to eat at your house :) And hug your sweet little girl.

    1. We would love to have you over for dinner ;)

  2. Hi Patty! I am so bummed about that cake! You know, if I'm going to have cake, I already know there's sugar in it. And I'm ok with that!
    I have never visited Catholic Cuisine, so I wrote down the address for it. What a great idea! I am Irish, so you know we don't have many traditions except awful cabbage and FABULOUS bread, so I'll have to look into other nationalities.
    I am so happy that your father-in-law is in a place where he can feel comfortable. I hope he'll be less restless. And leave it to the kids to figure out a way to help your little one from 'twiddling'. That's so cute!

    Have a wonderful afternoon my friend!

  3. These "cornucopia" posts of yours are my favorites...You always have the most abundant tid-bits to share, always providing spiritual (and physical) nourishment and inspiration! This is really a gift:) Thank you for the Netflix Instant tip and hug all of your cute kiddos for me!

    1. YOu know you need to reciprocate those hugs to your kiddos, right? BTW, I'm hoping that my hubs will set me up with FaceTime for a Christmas present.

  4. P.S. If I ever write a book, I'd want you for my Biographer…I can't tell a story to save my life! And you, my friend, have that gift too:)

    1. You WILL write a book someday. I've been telling you and I think it is inevitable!

  5. That is strange that the cake tasted so bad. Thanks for the Christmas show tip. I will look for it. I love your cornucopia of family togetherness.

    1. Thanks, Phyllis! I've had birthday cakes from there before and they were always delicious. This came from the pick up and carry out fridge section. I just didn't read the ingredients well enough. I've learned!

  6. Oh.My. Clementine makes me smile! What a cutie! I had the good fortune to see the Rockettes in NYC when I was there as a guard instructor for a high school band that marched in the Macy's Parade. UNBELIEVABLE. They come to should check to see if they go to Dallas, too. I'd be VERY surprised if they don't. Of course, it'll cost a small fortune!


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