Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Traditions - Movies Edition

Traditions are so wonderful to begin and carry out, but sometimes they can be hard to figure out, especially as newlyweds.  Getting to know one another in married life is a lot of work to begin with,  let alone equalizing out what you both bring to the marriage.  It can be quite the delicate undertaking!  It took David and I a few years to figure out our own traditions, and still continue to add to the list.

We were married 4 years before we were blessed with a little one. (Those were some hard years for this mama.)  Christmas time, in particular,  could be really hard on me.  One of the things that we both enjoyed was watching Christmas movies.  Each year, we purchased a couple of VHS tapes, (are you old enough to know what those are?), and started a little collection.

Then DVD players came out.  Talk about great technology!  We spent a few years replacing the old VHS tapes with the DVD versions.

(I'm still needing to replace The Bells of St. Mary's and The Bishop's Wife.)

As the children came along, we added ones that they enjoyed, too, naturally.

(Christmas Vacation is for the grown ups ;)

We start watching these at Thanksgiving time and they last us throughout Advent season.  It's always exciting to pull the Christmas movie bin out of the closet.

BTW - I HIGHLY suggest The Christmas Angel and Christmas Lodge, both on instant Netflix right now.  Wholesome, family, breath-of-fresh air, good old-fashioned Christmas movies :)

Does your family have any favorite Christmas movies?

~  Patty  ~


  1. One of our favorite parts of the season, Patty!,
    Love so many of yours, and am seeing some new ideas too. : )
    We love Christmas with The Kranks funny!

  2. I'm so glad you did this post... I got some new movies on my to order from Amazon list. And I looooove the Bishops Wife!

  3. The Grinch and Elf are two of my favorites!! Thanks for the recommendations for The Christmas Angel and Christmas Lodge! We have a free trial for Netflix right now, so I will definitely check those out! :)

  4. I accidentally put Christmas Lodge on our que to be sent to I got it today, I'll have to watch it this weekend!

    We are also planning on watching Elf soon...

    I have to check out The Bishop's Wife...
    and can you believe I've never watched White Christmas?

    I'm not a big fan of old movies. Too much singing or something!

    1. Cary Grant is in The Bishop's Wife...oh my! Actors these days have nothing on this man ;)

  5. I am loving your "traditions" posts!! I purchased an ornament at an outing last week- I went looking for it after reading your post. :)


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