Friday, November 29, 2013

Advent Peace

It does not seem possible that we are at the beginning of Advent season already!

I am keeping it simple this year.  (I love simplicity.)  My main goal is for peace.  Peace.  Don't you love the sound of it?  Peace in our heart and minds, the words we speak, and how we live as good examples for one another.  This is what I want for my family as we prepare for Christ's birth.

Wanting it and obtaining it are two different things.

I had set a goal to finish up all Christmas shopping prior to the start of Advent.  And I did it!  (I am still shocked with that feat.)

A plug for Amazon Prime…being a member made ALL the difference for me this year.  The minimal annual fee for Amazon Prime membership more than paid off by saving on gas and personal time if I were to have driven all over in search of the gifts I needed.

I have been determined to stay organized through our Living Liturgy plans!  (Repeating what we have done in the past helps.)

*Feast day celebrations:
December 6 - Feast of St. Nicholas
December 8 - Feast of The Immaculate Conception
December 9 - Feast of St. Juan Diego
December 12 - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
December 13 - Feast of St. Lucy

*Daily Reading/Prayers/Reflections.  No new books this year since we have plenty of books that we can reflect on during Advent and Christmas.

 (If you want, you can see the list upon list of books that I've shared under the label called BOOKS.  Note:  There are also Lenten and Easter book titles in that mix.)

*Monthly confession.

*Reading about the saint of the day.  (My kids LOVE this :)

*Weekly Adoration Hour.

*Jesse Tree.  Our homeschool group did a Jesse Tree ornament swap a couple of years ago.  Here is a link to that.

Peace.  My family waits for it to enter under our roof and fill our hearts as we celebrate the customs of our faith.  And to think that this  peace and happiness is only the prelude to Christmas day itself!

Wishing you all a peace-filled Advent season!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Peace...perfect Patty...just perfect...
    I will join you in striving to create a peaceful Advent leading up to a joyous Christmas Day.
    Thank you for always inspiring me, my friend!
    Oh, and LOVE Amazon Prime! : )

  2. Hi Patty! I love your photo of the Advent wreath. I love using those, it's a big tradition at our house. And I have a special love for Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego. It's a big month!
    My kids keep telling me I should sign up for Amazon Prime. My daughter says I should sign up for the trial period and just see how I like it. Maybe I should!
    Peace to you for your Advent. I love it, just like Billie Jo.

  3. Great job on getting all of your shopping done before Advent. I think I'm just about finished too. At least nothing I have to leave the house to go out and get! Amazon Prime is the BEST! Wishing you much peace during this Advent season!


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