Friday, November 22, 2013

A Special Treat for Miss Clementine

Check this out ….

A piano keyboard made out of Kit Kats in honor of the Feast of St. Cecilia, November 22.  (Thank you, Catholic Cuisine.!!)

Isn't that one of  THE cutest things you have ever laid eyes on?!

St. Cecelia is the patroness of musicians and students.

Today, we celebrate the feast of St. Cecilia since she is Miss Clementine's namesake.

We gave this adorable wooden, painted peg of St. Cecilia to Clementine last February on her Baptismal birthday.  (Where does the time go?)

I found the peg doll over on ETSY at St. Luke's Brush (stlukesbrush)  When I went to post this, St. Luke's Brush shop was on vacation until Thanksgiving, but he plans to reopen after Thanksgiving to take Christmas orders.

*These peg dolls make adorable Christmas gifts!!

**This feast is on our family's November Living Liturgical monthly planner.

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I loved Jessica's St. Cecelia treat! I wish we had a really good reason to celebrate. My kids play the piano. Is that good enough? ;)

    1. Shoot! That sounds like a good enough reason to me! Ha ha :)

  2. Just discovered those adorable peg dolls!

    I think its a different shop, but they are all sooo sweet, and perfect for little fingers. : )

    And how perfect is that sweet treat?

    Have a cozy day, my friend... just finished Flynn's school and am going to snuggle on the couch. : )

    1. Yes! They are. When I was looking around for a set of baby nativity blocks, I found oodles of peg people nativity sets. So cute! I wish my hand was steady enough to paint so meticulously. My mom use to be able to paint like that! She did the most microscopic detailing and made it look so real.

  3. Oh how "sweet":) Your rectangle platter is perfect!!!

  4. The keyboard is amazing! I didn't even know they made white Kit Kats. Gotta do this. No Cecilias in our family, and no pianists. But we HAVE a piano, and I know that counts as a great reason. And for anyone who doesn't have a piano, well, with this they can! :) :) :)

  5. Happy feast day!! I love the white kit kats!! We have used vanilla wafer cookies, but they are not really white.

  6. Cool idea with the kit kats! Cecilia is my confirmation name! :)


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