Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The "new" & "unwanted" norm

This was the scene on my kitchen counter for the past two weeks…

By the grace of God, I think   (fingers crossed and eyes squeezed shut tightly when I say that)  we have finally made it through.

And then there's this...

We are small business owners.  Just a small mom and pop shop.  We have been able to buy our own private insurance.

Until now.

Our new premiums came in…to the equivalent of a second house payment - every. single. month.

I have to ask Obama voters out there (if I have any)…

You say you want coverage for all….who doesn't?  But are you willing to lose your house so even one person can pay their hospital bill?

Let me rephrase that question.

What if you were forced into the possibility of losing your house just so one person could pay their hospital bill?

Kind of like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

My husband and I can NOT afford this new premium.

We have a meeting with our insurance agent set up  to see if there is any other option we can take…and what the bottom line will be with that new option.  I'm sure if there is one, it will undoubtedly have sacrificed in quality and financial stability.

(By the way, that new premium is just for David and I.  It doesn't even include the kids on that plan!)

And there's expected to be about 10 million David and Patty's out there by 2014.

Since October 1, not even one month into the new health care regime, over 1 million people have lost their health insurance.

Looking to put a face with that number?  You are looking at her.

Obamacare is one, big, stinky onion.  The private sector is only the first layer to be peeled off.  Absolutely everyone will be affected negatively at some point, EXCEPT for those men and women who voted to pass Obamacare.  That's right.  They excluded themselves from this financial disaster.  How thoughtful of them!

I'm feeling bitter.  And in my acknowledged bitterness, I can't help but blame the voters for the financial train wreck of millions of others.

Huge sigh.  Rant over.

~  Patty  ~ 


  1. Feel free to continue the rant when you need to. I completely agree with you! It is the mom and pop shops out there that make our country great...supposedly living the American dream, right?! I can't help but think that, at some point, the country is going to understand what a mess this is and demand better. Is it too late for that?

  2. Something for you and David to think about - contacting a local news channel to do a "personal interest" story on your situation. People need to know that this is happening to REAL families. Folks that were getting along okay and now can't afford to have medical insurance, but really can't afford to not have it either. Not everyone wants their personal stuff out there, but something for you to think/pray on.

  3. Ya know what? I never looked at it like that... I'm so sorry for all of your stress. Hoping that your meeting goes well and that you find a way to make it work.

  4. Oh Patty...

    First off, I pray you are all on the mend. Wish I could have brought over a big pot of chicken soup.

    And I am praying with you for a solution and resolution for you and your beautiful family...

    Hugs, my friend....

  5. This plain old stinks. My parents had a small business and raised 6 kids, and they got health insurance through the Chamber of Commerce, and it cost over $1000 a month way back then. Even now, my husband's job covers half of the insurance cost, and we still pay $834 a month for our share. It's out of control. I really hope you get some good advice and options.

  6. Oh Patty…I am so sorry!!! This is exactly what many of us feared and believed would happen…and it is. I will be praying that your agent can help you find more affordable options.

    Here's another bizarre twist on the situation…(and I am NOT comparing my situation to yours at all…in fact, some who read here might be offended by this comment, but it is my family's situation)

    We take our health insurance through the City b/c of Chris' employment. (I literally do not earn enough money to pay for the family health insurance plan through the Archdiocese!) We've always had great insurance…and knew it…and appreciated it…but we did pay into it. It wasn't free for heaven's sake.

    Well, our new premiums, deductibles, etc. are skyrocketing starting in January. Why??? B/c the State and Feds have told the City that "you are providing your employees with coverage that is beyond what is necessary…it is considered excessive and a reduction in benefits needs to occur for the City to be in compliance."

    WTH???!!! Praying that the "compliant coverage" is acceptable to meet the needs of any law enforcement officer or fire fighter who might be injured in the line of duty.

    Okay, rant over. :)

    Again, I know my situation is not a dire one…we can make cuts to have the cash necessary to meet deductibles, etc. We are not having to shop around…but clearly we are NOT "able to keep our existing coverage that we like"

    1. I'm not offended by this at all. It is just another layer in the stinky onion I referred to. I'm telling you, everyone will be affected by this somehow. So we started shopping around on the marketplace. Trust me, no good deals. You can payer lower premium, but MUCH higher deductible with 40% less cost coverage AFTER your HIGH deductible is met. It is nothing but a Loose-loose situation for most folks.


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