Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Dude Is Smoking Something Funny

Why won't the man just let his victims be?

Today, our prez was stumping a speech in Boston for his health care.

So, get this.

Instead of saying his usual, "You can keep your health insurance,"  he ACTUALLY said, "You will get a better deal."

Fall off my chair laughing here.

I'd love for him to stop by my house and define "better deal" for David and I.


At least my day ended with a good laugh, right?   I mean anything has to better than the this news we received the other day.

~  Patty  ~


  1. He is banking on people just believing it because he says it is so, which, unfortunately, many do.

  2. Just left you a long-winded comment on your previous post! HUGS!!!

  3. Have you checked into any of the Christian health share programs? Each state's laws are different, and I don't know about Texas. But it may be an option for your family.

    1. We started looking at the marketplace. I didn't see anything Christian health programs for the state of Texas. But that doesn't mean they are not out there. I have a growing list of questions for our agent. Thanks for the suggestion! We appreciate any thoughts on the matter that would be helpful to us.


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