Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Quick Updates

Mom ::

She is going home today!  It's been 15 days since her surgery and 8 days since she entered the "bounce back" rehab.

She is a rock star in her children's eyes!

She has a long recovery to go, but making it home is a HUGE hurdle!!

One of my sisters is a nurse, and she will be spending the nights with my mom for awhile.  I also have four other siblings that live in mom's area who will be taking turns helping out with meals, etc.

Hike for Life TX ::

Thanks for the prayers!!

The McKinney hike raised over $32,000.00!!  (The Hughes team raised $580!)

All for the babies :)

Confirmation Prep ::

I LOVE it!!

I LOVE my class!!

I LOVE being in front of a bunch of teens again teaching with love and passion!!

I find it such an honor teaching them about our faith and use Pope Francis as my role model.

The CCD program is using St. Mary's Press material and I'm adding a lot of meat and potatoes with the St. Josheph Baltimore Catechism.

I am GRATEFUL for the opportunity to home school now more than ever.  I can see the rock solid religious education that my own children (and David and I) receive every. single. day. with home schooling.

All of this has been quite humbling for me!

I thank God for putting both home schooling and teaching Confirmation Prep on my heart and leading me the way :)

Gotta run!

Busy, busy, busy week this week.

Have a great one!

~ Patty  ~


  1. You can read the excitement from your post! What a blessing you are to those kids!!! Thank you for wonderful, faithful, committed volunteers like yourself to answer the call to teach catechesis to our youth!!! Good news on the Mom front as well! Sounds like Hike for Life did great!!! Hugs

  2. Yay for your mom, Patty! I have been thinking of her. : )

    And yay for you! It is a blessing for those young people to have you!

    And yay your Hike for Life was a success!

    Yay just Yay!

  3. What a lovely update on a perfect fall day. Glad to read the joy and excitement in your post. And so happy your mom is on her way home. :)

  4. So glad that your Mom is going home. Recovery speeds even faster when you're at home, right? Something about your own sheets... it does the body good! Have a great week!
    PS ~ I teach first grade CCD at my church and love it too!

    1. About the clean sheets...isn't that the truth!! And yeah about CCD and your first grade class :)

  5. Your shining enthusiasm made me smile. I need more of that right now:) God bless your Mama, her caregivers and all of your very blessed Confirmation students! And God bless YOU!

  6. I will keep praying for your mom!! Bless her! And you for taking on confirmation class- I know you and your students will be richly blessed this year!!!


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