Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hoo Hoo's Ready for All Hallows'- Eve?

Presenting the cast of All Hallows' - Eve 2013 (insert drum roll…)

Sally needs to wear her costume to swim team practice today so, I thought we'd get the pictures in early this time.

A friend asked if I made Clementine's outfit.  I wish!  (I envy those who can sew!)  I found it at Cracker Barrel back in late August.  Couldn't pass it up :)

Stan's Davy Crockett costume was his birthday gift this year.

The rest?  Pretty much just what we have lying around the house…pieced together from here and there.

Enjoy this All Hallows' - Eve!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. They ALL look great, but the owl totally has my heart. So sweet!

  2. Dying from cuteness over here!!! Every single kiddo looks adorable, but I have to agree with Colleen! Happy Halloween and have fun tonight. Be safe!

  3. They look absolutely amazing! That owl costume is just the cutest thing! Hope they have an amazing night! :)

  4. Your baby is the cutest trick or treater ever!

    And your bigger kiddos all look amazing too, my friend!

    Hope your day was happy!

  5. What fun - they all look fantastic!!

  6. Adorable! Hope you had a fun Halloween!

  7. Hi Patty! My eight month old granddaughter was an owl too! Must be the 'year of the owl'!

    When I was young (when dinosaurs roamed the earth), my sisters and I would rummage through the closets for our costumes. Lots of hobos, hippies and doctors. Fun! I hope everyone had a great celebration and got lots of candy...that you will have to "inspect". Especially the chocolate!

  8. What a sweet cast you have! Adorable costumes, indeed:) Happy All Saint's Day to you and your family!

  9. Love all the costumes...especially the owl!! Hope your kids had a great Halloween!


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