Sunday, October 6, 2013

Children's PVC Archery Bows Tutorial

The Davy Crockett - themed birthday party was a huge hit, and these home-made bows were a grand slam with the boys!

Supplies (to make four bows)

Duct tape

1/2" water line insulation  (cut 5" per bow)

60 lb polycord  (cut 4' per bow)

1/2" end PVC end caps (2 per bow)

1/2" schedule 40 PVC pipe (4' per bow - age 8 & up)

Multi-colored electrical tape

*Hack Saw - already owned this.

Approximately $20 for all materials (with plenty of cord and tape left over.)

Directions ::

Notch for the string (David used a hack saw).  Cut down about 1/2".

Angle it down ...

Next, knot one end of the string and string the bow.

After that, bend the bow so you know where to measure and place the other knot.

Once you have completed stringing the bow, place the end caps on.

Push it on real tight!

After both caps are secured, measure the bow to the middle and mark it ...

Then place the foam handle  so that the top of the foam handle is even with the line you made.  That ensures that the arrow shoots from the center of the bow.

Wrap the foam with black duct tape.

On the bottom of the foam piece, (opposite end of pencil mark), extend tape over pvc to ensure the foam handle doesn't move.

David cleaned up the edges with white electrical tape.

The top end of the foam handle, (next to the pencil mark), is where you will rest the arrow when shooting.

Finish the bow with colored electrical tape or you can paint it.

The finished product ...

My little guy was using a youth arrow in this photo.  You can find these at Academy, or any other outdoor sports shop.

The boys at the party really loved these!

~  Patty  ~

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