Monday, September 9, 2013

The Morning Edition

On my kids.

This one ::

She's my go-getter, especially with her school work.

She'll get up before 7am and start her pj's, with bedhead.  She'll stop for a quick breakfast and then get back to her work.

This one ::

In the morning, he likes his oatmeal WITH dinosaur eggs.

I can find them at Target.

He's my best eater.  Hands down.  He will trade in a cookie for a carrot stick - anytime!

This one ::

The ONLY picky eater I have ever had.  Ever.

She'll eat anything - that's gone in the Vitamix.  (I think it's a texture thing.)

She enjoys her morning breakfast in the form of a smoothie (juice, yogurt, banana, apple, orange, and frozen strawberries.)

She's also my thrower  chuckster.  There's nothing feminine or sweet about it.  I've NEVER had a child do this and it drives me batty!

Look at her.

She doesn't care.  At all.

I firmly tell her "no-no."

She just looks at me and smiles, puts her index finger up by her nose, and wiggles it while telling me back, "No.  No."

These two ::

Sally & Ester.

I've got nothin' on them because it is now uncool to take a picture of  7th & 9th graders at this early hour in day.  Ha ha!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Too funny! I love a spunky gal!!! Benjamin is my picky eater...and I agree...I think it's more about texture than the actual taste/flavor!


  2. Love this one, Patty! And the last ones? I think God is using these precious ones to keep us on our toes, don't you think? : )

    Have a wonderful day, dear friend...

  3. Ahhhh....we call it "launching" at our house. So much fun to clean up after, isn't it?!

    And most all of my pictures of our 8th grader are of her running out of the corner of the photo. I told her one day she' going to wonder what she looked like at 13 and there will be no photographic evidence that she ever was that age!

  4. My 15yo is not super keen on any time of the day getting a picture taken. I pretty much only am able to get him when holding a little one (he is the nicest then ;)). Love your morning!! At least the "chucking" is contained in a cup! Super duper cute that one is. :)

  5. This is great, Patty. And similar to our house in ways. Depending on the day, I'll have an eager-beaver for school and a lazy bones/dawdler to start the day. And breakfast, one of them eats right away and the other one needs their time to get going before eating. What is it with sippy cups and throwing/dropping/chucking them around?! I'm with you, batty. Simply batty. UGH.


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