Monday, September 23, 2013

Surgery Updates

* I'm going to post all updates on this post.  Most recent will be on top.
Sunday, September 28
The past few days have shown Mom to have ups and downs.  The biggest issue was still figuring out pain medication.  The good news is that on post surgery day 5, she had her last remaining iv removed and on post surgery day 6, she was moved to a new floor, the rehab floor.  This is a GOOD thing!  It is a foot in the right direction.  I expect to see Mom there for two weeks.  But who knows.  She may be home sooner.  I just don't want her to rush it.

There are the little things we don't think about.  For instance, on Saturday, (post surgery day 5), she still could not do the basic thing as lift the lid off of her food tray.  The muscle she would need to pick it up...we just don't realize what muscles we use until they are hurting.

We are so proud of her and the hard work she is doing!

Thursday, September 26 (Post surgery day 3)

Mom was fitted for a body cast today.  ( I'm not sure if it is a 24 hour thing or if it can be taken off for bathing.  I believe she will be needing it for a few months though.)  Getting fitted was a big step since the patient has to stand for 7 minutes - which is agonizingly painful for these patients who have had such a huge spinal surgery.  She walked twice down in rehab.  Doctor was so very pleased with her.  Mom says the pain is bad.  She would rather have delivered her babies again then do this.  (And she delivered 9 babies....5 of them weighing 10 + pounds !!  She's a trooper.  She doesn't complain and does what she it told.  We are so very, very proud of her!  She does whatever they ask her to do, working through the pain.

I spoke with Mom on the phone today.  She was a little groggy from the medication...actually kind of loopy.  But she could hear my voice and she just wanted to say, "I love you."  :)

My brother Mike was up visiting her today.  At this point, the siblings who live closest to her are just visiting her daily.  She really needs to not be around family as much as resting, sleeping, and being down in rehab.  So 1/2 day visits are working well right now.

Mom's surgery was up at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.  I hope to visit with her when she is home again recuperating.  Until then, the five siblings that live in her area are taking turns visiting and being with her.

Best Mom Quote ::  After being told to keep going Mom said, "Don't expect me to be doing the Cha Cha!"

WEDNESDAY, September 25 (Post surgery day 2)

9:00 pm - From my sister, Sue ::  what a busy afternoon she has had...she sat on the side of the bed, got cleaned up, walked to her chair and occupational therapy did a lot of education. Just when she had had enough... Physical therapy came and took her to the gym down the hall. She was able to walk 30 feet which she did with very few complaints. 

Best Mom Quote ::  After being shown all the new hardware in her back, the surgeon asked what she thought of it.  She replied, "Well, I guess you can call me heavy metal now!"  LOL!

3:30 pm - From my sister, Sue ::  A change in pain meds is helping Mom a bit better.  She's received a sponge bath.  Mom is in a wheelchair now and is headed to the hospital gymnasium floor for some rehab and walking.  Sounds promising.  Surgeon made very early rounds this morning.  Mom's spine is perfectly straight!

TUESDAY, September 24 (Post surgery day 1)

5:30 pm - From my sister, Jane ::  Our mom was just transferred out of the ICU onto the orthopedic floor late this afternoon. She was able to sit in a chair this morning. It was quite painful, but necessary to do. Every time will get easier for her. They switched her to oral pain meds which is a good sign that she is moving along. She is also drinking clear liquids now, and keeping it down! Tomorrow will be a big day for her. The surgeon wants her to walk.

8:30 am - PT is working with her to sit her up already!  She is HURTING, but they say it is normal and she has to do it.

8:00 am  - From my sister, Jane ::  Good morning from Chicago. Our mom had a pretty restful night. Her pain is under control. She doesn't like when they move her, but it is important to do so. She told us she's so happy and at peace. She also said "I hope I made everyone proud"! We couldn't be more proud of her. The doctors came in early this morning and are pleased. They want her sitting up and standing this afternoon. They said it will be painful, but the sooner the better. He told her that her spine is now straight. That sure put a smile on her face!

Monday - September 23 (Surgery day)

6:00 pm - They are closing her up.  Everything went really well.  The doctor is very pleased.  They have about 20 minutes to finish.  He thinks that she will have a lot of relief from her pain.

Praise be to God!


4:20 pm - In the final stretch.  Everything going as the doctor expected. The rod is placed and the screws are attached.   They are decompressing now, which means shaving bone.  Then she will be done.  About another hour and a half.  She is doing fine.


1:45 pm - Mom is doing fine under anesthesia.  Surgeon is working on her spine through her back.


11:20 am - They are finishing up on her side (through her side).  They are putting in 3 cages.  Cages are hardware that replace her disks.  So she will also have 3 disks replaced as well.  Then they will close up her side and reposition and prep her for the back.

I think it's going to be a very long day...


10:45 am - Mom went in @ 7:30am.  Prep work took 2 hours.  So the surgeon had only been working for 1 hr and 15 minutes at this time.

Thanks for the continued prayers!

~  Patty  ~

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