Monday, September 30, 2013

Soaking Wet Weekend


We rang in the the END of the 1st quarter....did you read that?  The END of the 1st quarter!

One of  the perks of starting school in July?  Remember this post?


Sally had her first swim meet since her knee injury.



She was nervous since it's been awhile.  

She had only 3 weeks to train for this meet - after being out injured for 4 months!  

She swam one event - the 200 Backstroke  - and ended up 3rd in her heat.

She felt gggrrreat afterward!

(Talking with her swim coach after her event.)

Then the rains came.

Glorious rain that North Texas has desperately needed for a long, long time!  (Too bad it ended too soon.)

Of course I let them have fun in it!

Sunshine reigned on Sunday.  

Most of the neighbor girls were out in force.

The kids painted  scenery for an upcoming Davy Crockett birthday party at our house on Friday...

Our typical Sunday consists of 8am Mass, an early dinner followed by a family rosary.

Dessert comes next with some family game.

We played Hedbanz this time.  (Oh my gosh!  My family is SO LOUD when playing games!!)

Guess who won?

Me.  (Hee hee)

Our plans for the week?  No home school.  Another perk to starting in July :)

Happy Monday, everyone!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I love this one Patty! So happy your swimmer is back in action. Congratulations to her!

    Love your little lady getting all the neighborhood attention. : )

    Your Sunday sounds perfect! And we love that game too. Except I am a complete fail.

    Enjoy your week earned it. Hope your mom continues her recovery at lightening speed. : )

  2. Have a fabulous week off! The thing that struck me about this post is the vibrant LIFE you share...Made me smile:) Happy Fall to ya'll and I'll miss seeing you. Love your dangling pumpkins. I think I saw those on Pinterest? Hugs to you and the whole bunch!

  3. Wow...3rd place after being out for 4 months??? Congrats to your daughter. Sounds like the perfect Sunday.

  4. What glorious fun!! I was super excited when I looked ahead at my lesson plans and saw a couple days off at the end of the month. It's only a couple days, but it's quarter break and I am excited :) Thanks, btw, for that post that encouraged me to start early too!!


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