Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make-Up Brushes and Eye Infections

I own only three make up brushes.  Bought them almost six years ago with my Bare Minerals make up kit.

They are too expensive to replace, (in my humble opinion.)

I've heard many times you can wash your make up brushes, and  I embarrassingly admit here, I haven't washed them until this past summer.

Grrr-oss!  I know.

I had an eye check up and the eye doctor told me I had Blepharitis.

What the heck is that?

I thought I was working on eye allergies!

My symptoms included :: more crusties than what the sandman usually delivers...irritation,  especially when I wore my contacts...and it felt like sand in my upper eye lid.  Especially when I would blink.

Treatment ::  Wash my eyelashes each day with gentle baby shampoo.  That's it!

I brought up make up and applicators/ brushes to the eye doctor.

"Wash those make up brushes...they are a leading cause of eye infections!"  the eye doctor told me.

I felt like a fool.

So I went to my trusty friend, Pinterest, and found this article on how to safely wash make up brushes.

And it takes only a gentle baby shampoo!

I washed mine around 10pm on a Saturday evening, and then let them dry overnight on the towel (picture above) and was able to use them by 7am the next morning.

I have had no issues with Blepharitis since.

~ Patty  ~


  1. Okay, funny here. I have the same makeup brushes. I'm crazy about clean brushes though since I still have breakouts once in a while. I wash mine every Wednesday and Saturday. I'm the other weird extreme! Glad yours are finally clean. Don't you LOVE bare minerals? Been using it since eight years and I'd never use anything else!

    1. I do just LOVE bare minerals. Less irritation and so natural looking. I really don't wear make up at all, since I'm at home so much, but I do like to put it on when I'm heading to Mass or a moms' night out with the friends (once a month LOL).

  2. Huh. I've only recently read more about makeup brushes due to having to be super careful with my new rosacea diagnosis. I just bought a foundation brush yesterday since I'd always only used a cosmetic wedge, but found that it can be more irritating. So, I will be using more brushes. I was reading about keeping them clean just last night, so this is super helpful to know that I should DEFINITELY keep with that and keep those things clean. You are always so insightful!! :)

    1. Darn! Sorry to hear that, Sarah. I think you will like the make up brushes. Good ones last forever...worth the money you put into them. They make a good birthday gift :)

  3. Patty...I will be sharing this with a certain 16 year old daughter of mine who does not share my OCD gene! Thank you dear friend...because as we all know, coming from someone other than Mother, things seem to be true. : )


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