Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hanging Pumpkins

Mabel ::  Mom, can we do a fall craft?  We haven't made a craft in awhile.

Me ::  You bet!  Let's see what Pinterest has.

This has been so much fun!  I've left out the craft supplies so they can make them throughout the week, in between their quarter final tests.

We've hung them over the kitchen table...and added a splash of color, because autumn is suppose to be full of color!  :)

All we needed was construction paper, pencil, ruler, scissors, stapler, and string for hanging.  You can find the directions here.


PS - My mom was able to walk two times today down in rehab!  I have her updates posted here.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Yay for your mom, Patty! : )
    And I love your fall craft too!

    Have a restful weekend, my friend!
    Oh, and be on the lookout for John Ross...they are returning to your neck of the woods for filming this week. Peyton wanted me to tell ya! : )


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