Monday, August 5, 2013

Our Life in Clicks

Last week was a good week.

Sharing here the fun things only, because who really wants to see pictures of the cranky student - frustrated mom scene??  Ha ha!

Last week ~

Stan the man loves ANYTHING about David Crockett.   I ordered this book for him  (He had it read in five minutes.)

He studied Davy Crockett and the Alamo last year in history.  Then I took him down to San Antonio to see the Alamo in real life!!

Not only did he see the Alamo, we saw items that belonged to Davy Crockett.  We saw his rifle and even a locket with some of his red hair (the locket with his hair had belonged to his wife, Elizabeth.)

(We also saw the Spanish Missions.  So amazing!)

Last week ~

We had 2 new orange belts to celebrate!

(1/2 price Sonic shakes after 8pm are THE best on a hot, summer night!)
Last week ~

Sally and Ester attended a birthday / swimming party.

We found this idea on Pinterest.

A canning jar filled with ::  travel size container of polish remover, a small pack of pretty nail files, two bottles of nail polish, lots of cotton balls, all neatly packaged with  pretty sticker decals (found at Michael's in the sticker section.  Same with a canning jar!)

Isn't that a perfect gift for a teenage girl?!

*We  found the idea on pinterest last fall, and Mabel made one for an older cousin in the cousins' Christmas, gift exchange.

Last week ~

Lake day.  We took off from school.   (The girls actually doubled up studies in order to take off.)

I LOVE this beach.  We have a bit of a  drive up to Lake Ray Roberts State Park,  but it is SO worth it as you can see!

Another home school mom and I drove a group of Sr / Jr High girls up early in the beat the intense heat and rays.

The other mom had to bring her fourth grader, so I brought Mabel as well.

I love the girls in our home school group!  We are really blessed with some great friends.

We brought sack lunches and a jug of water.

Lots of sunblock, too!

Our group consisted of swimmers, horse riders, Martial Arts, and ballerinas.

But mostly laughs and a good time!

We wrapped it up by 1 pm since the sun was getting pretty intense.   There were plenty of smiles when we departed for home :)

It's hard to believe we are on our third week of school now!

~  Patty  ~


  1. How fun Patty! I I love seeing how you all spend your days! And I had not yet seen the Pinterest gift idea...but I love it! Madison will be all over that!

    And in response to your comment ...Yes! Same with me...August brings an itch for all things autumn...pumpkins and spice and apples and sweaters!

  2. Love the pictures! What a cute group of girls and how lucky you are to be able to schedule school days so that you can fit in a beach day here and there. I will be envious of that in about a month, for sure. Your Stan is adorable. And I pinned the nail polish gift idea. LOVE it!!

  3. What a fun post! How truly blessed you are with great and abundant homeschooling friends for your children. Wow. That hasn't been God's plan for us so I am always wondering what He has in store for us? What a lovely gift idea and so creative! Love that book and how you go-see-it. Oh and Congrats to your lovely Orange Belts too:)

  4. Ok the risk of sounding like we have a total obsession with your blueberry pie...I have to tell you this! Peyton made it again tonight. We actually had the sweet older lady that gets us the blueberries in for dinner. Madison waited until later to have hers. She is sitting here eating it, and she is like, " This pie is SO good! Go Patty!!"

    I just had to pass that along! : )

    1. Ha ha ha!! That is great! Isn't it healthy, too? I mean, all those blueberries! Yum! Thanks for sharing. You made my night!

  5. What a fun week. My boys like Davy Crockett, too. James has a frontiersman's outfit. The day at the beach sounded wonderful. Congratulations on the orange belts.

  6. Did you know there's a "David Crockett High School" a couple of hours away from me? It's in the same county as "Daniel Boone High School" lie.
    Also, I drive by Sam Houston's SchoolHouse a couple of days a's about 10 minutes from my house.
    Looks like y'all had a good week! Congrats to the new orange belts!
    Oh, the ideas you can get from pinterest!


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