Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mom Update

My beautiful mom!  We had this taken about 10 days ago on my very quick trip back "home".

Update ~
Things always appear brighter the next day, don't they?  After all the shock wore off,  Mom has the most positive attitude right now.

We keep thinking about the two people who were hospitalized in serious condition that needed emergency back surgery.  Praying for them and feeling relieved that Mom is not in their situation.  I can only imagine what happened to them.   A car wreck possibly?

Looking forward to ~

Today, Mom has some small renovations starting in her house.  She'll be home to watch it unfold and give some womanly direction when needed (*wink*)

Renovations.  My childhood home is over 100 years old.  Mom and dad purchased the house over 50 years ago.  It was originally an apartment, and they lived in the bottom portion.

(My childhood home at Christmas about three years ago :)


FIVE kids, TWO adults   -   TWO bedrooms.  And we think we all have it hard!  Ha!

After I was born and the upstairs renters moved out, they turned it into a beautiful five bedroom, 2.5 bath, and eventually raised NINE kids in.

Mom and Dad had a bedroom on the main floor with a laundry room /  half bath  across the hall from them.

No bath or shower on the main floor.  (The original claw foot tub on main floor was moved upstairs and the washer and dryer was put in its' place.)

This is not a good set up for someone with a bad back trying to go either down into the basement for a shower OR up two flights of stairs to take a bath.


The washer and dryer are coming out of the laundry room and a brand new shower is being built in their place - with a seat and hand held shower head!

That rocks!

She is then having one of her HUGE pantry cabinets in her kitchen built out and a new stack-able washer and dryer is going in there!

That totally rocks!

A full bath and washer/dryer set up on the main floor.  She'll be relaxed and relieved knowing she stay in her home enjoying her flower gardens and humming birds for a long, long time.

My siblings and I will be relieved as well!

And she appreciates all the prayers, we all do!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Ok first...I love that picture! You both are so beautiful! And next, you inspire me Patty. You are so good at looking at the bigger picture and the brighter side of every situation. When faced with a tricky situation, I try to "think like Patty"!

    So happy things worked out this way. My mom says, "Sometimes, God gives us blessings in disguise. : )

    1. Billie Jo, you are so kind. Thank you for the generous words. But I have to admit, it's my mom who was leading us kids in the positive thinking mode. She is just amazing!

  2. Yes, time does seem to allow us to manage the emotions while offering clarity!!! Still, you and your mom have such a positive outlook! And I just need to add that I love seeing your childhood home. It reminds me of many of the homes surrounding my grandmother's house in Detroit. Same set up...2 bedrooms (before the attic was finished to living space) and one claw foot bathtub for 5 boys and 1 little lady to share with my grandma and grandpa. (yup, my mom is the youngest of 6...all boys. That's a LOT of tinkle to clean up! LOL)


    1. Thanks for your prayers and kind words, Val!! They do mean an awful lot. I wish I had a claw foot tub in my house! They don't make them like they use to. That's for sure! Had a good chuckle over the tinkle clean up...I have brothers, I can feel your mother's pain :)

  3. You have posted that gorgeous picture of your family home before, it's so beautiful! Snow is gorgeous to look at isn't it ;) Great pic of you and your mom! The renovations sound lovely, such a blessing for your mom!!

    1. You are spot on, Jen! I have to admit, I do believe we had more snow when I was growing up then when I was a young adult. It was a magical home to grow up in :)

  4. You and your Mom played the Glad Game! Isn't Pollyanna great!

    So happy to hear things are looking brighter and the renovation sounds great! I love your childhood home--so beautiful in the snow!

    1. It was as magical growing up in as it looks in the picture :)

  5. I agree, the next day is always better. I've been thinking of you and your mom, so this post and the photo made me smile. And your childhood home at Christmas warmed my heart as we endure blasted MN heat this week :)

    1. What's going on up there with the end of August?? Your fall foliage will soon be making its arrival I bet. Thanks for the prayers, Sarah! Keep them coming :)

  6. I was so glad to read this when you posted it (I check mostly blog updates through a phone app these days so don't get to commenting right away). The renovations sound just perfect, and I am so impressed with your mom's attitude. Bless her!!!


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