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Meatless Fridays - Beans & Rice

Okay.  So there are a few versions of beans & rice in our area of the country.  I've seen Tex Mex versions and authentic Mexican beans & rice.

It is an inexpensive meal that packs a lot of nutritional punch and leaves you feeling FULL for a long time!

I have a very simple recipe, which includes these items ::

(Black beans -15 oz each and Rotel - 10oz each.)

The  Jasmati Rice is REAL rice, which is AWESOME!  Just remember, it takes 30 minutes till it is ready to serve.  (It isn't your Minute Rice.)

Did I mention the rice is SUPER easy to prepare?  (Just like Minute Rice, only double the water and cook longer.)

I can find the 32 oz container located at Target for around $5.50 dollars (give or take), but you can find a larger container of it at Kroger for $7.00 (and some odd cents.)

1.  Prepare your rice. *See desired serving measurements on the back.  

2.  While rice is steaming, drain the liquid from the cans of black beans and then pour the black beans into a sauce pan.  Add the Rotel (with liquid) in with the black beans.  Stir and heat up.

3.  When rice is finished, just spoon rice onto a plate and ladle the beans mixture on top.  

We add ::

You can add WHATEVER type of topping you want.

My husband likes to put a flour tortilla down and then spoon rice on top of it.  That's too filling for me. 

Note::  I USUALLY buy the "mild" Rotel.  The original Rotel, pictured above,  has a kick to it :)

I have two kids who won't eat it.  It's a bean thing!  

The rest of the family LOVES it.  The two who don't, they make peanut butter & jelly the night of.

P.S. - ALL my recipes that I post can be found up at the top of page.  Click on the tab for  RECIPES and HOLIDAY RECIPES.


~  Patty  ~


  1. YUM! Savannah and I were vegetarians for a couple of years and this was one of the recipes we made that the whole family actually loved...and they didn't even miss the meat. Thanks for the reminder. I'll need to add this one back into the rotation. :)

  2. Looks so good, Patty! Adding it to my list... Thanks, friend! : )

  3. Oh, gosh that looks sooo good! I would need to cook everything separate, as my husband does not like tomatoes...but that would work, right? Reminds me of a homemade version of Chipotles!

    (we have one peanut butter's a staple for her!)

    1. Jamie Jo, Bush's black beans had a recipe on the back label for beans & rice. I bet you can find it on their website! The sauce was a la mode. You could follow it and omit tomatoes. :)

  4. Thanks for the recipe! Definitely going to have to try it! I buy the Arborio rice that comes in that same container; it has such a good taste to it, and it's so easy!

    1. I use to think real rice was so hard to make until I actually did it. What a breeze!! I'll have to try that Arborio rice next time. Thanks for the heads up. BTW, in the back of the David Crockett book, it lists a handful of places in Tennessee where David Crockett lived, his father's tavern, birthplace state park.

  5. So happy that you posted this. We are finally doing meatless is more difficult than you would think if you're not used to it. I want my kids to be used to is so that it's just something that they do when they leave the nest. The meatless recipe is much appreciated!

    1. You are welcome. I had the same sentiments. It is very hard to come up with tasty meatless recipes if you are not use to eating that way. At the same time, it is definitely do-able once you get the hang of it. My goal is to try a new one each week...for however long I can. Maybe I should do a permanent link up?? I'm sure so many others have great meatless recipes to share.

  6. Ummm, YUMMY! I'm definitely doing this tomorrow night!

    BTW...I was all set to reply to your so-exciting comment you left me and then I realized you don't have an email address to respond to. So, I'll respond here! Leawood is a HOP, SKIP and A JUMP from De Soto. Leawood is a suburb...De Soto a small town, but we are not that far outside of suburbia. I sure hope you are able to make your Winter trip work out...I would love to meet IRL! I bet our kids would have so much fun together. Keep me posted on your travel itinerary. You can email me at


  7. Just read the above should totally do a link up!!! Great idea!!!


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