Friday, August 9, 2013

Mailboxes - Link up!

Jamie Jo has come up with a sunny, bright, and delightfully beautiful  link - up!

We are to share our mailboxes with one another.  (Or ones we see out and about.)

I'm game!!

 So, without further a-do, here's mine!  (And my neighbor's - since we have to share in our subdivision.)

This is the front.

I just planted the double knock out rose bushes and the purple feathered fountain grass this past spring to cover up the big, ugly, green, utility box.

My neighbor put two knock out roses on her side, too.  (I like that we were on the same page with the landscaping! )

(My side up close.)

This is the back view ::

Since the sod was so stinkin' hard to dig up, we left the back exposed.  We don't mind since I don't really see's way on the edge of our property line.

I really want to stain the treated lumber mailbox post.  The originally one rotted away within four years and David rebuilt it with treated cedar lumber.

*I posted here about the poor quality that goes into homes in our area.  Mailbox posts and privacy fences are put in with UNTREATED lumber...and not standard posts, but landscaping posts.  CRAZY!    And so they all rot and fall apart.

Don't forget to stop by Jamie Jo's blog and check out more pictures of mailboxes!

Have a blessed weekend!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Like this idea for the mailbox post. I'm going to show my husband. Maybe we can convince the neighbor to place her mailbox up in front, to make it easier for the mail person to deliver our mail in the right box. I replied to your comment on my post. I think the yellow flowers in front of the mailbox are yellow daisies.

  2. Your landscaping looks great! I"m not sharing my looks like hell! My landscaping has gotten out of control...after two years of drought...we've been experiencing flooding all summer and my plantar has gone berserk! Maybe I'll link up in the Fall when I get the hedge clippers out! LOL BTW...I"m making beans and rice for dinner tonight! Thanks for the great idea!!!

    1. Valerie, I even like the ones that look like Hell!! (really, I do!)

  3. Oh, Patty, thank you so much for joining in! I can just picture you now with the kiddos getting the mail!! I love those feather grass plants, so pretty and with the roses, beautiful!

  4. I love how you hid your utility boxes. We have boxes to hide in three corners of our lot(!), so I may borrow this idea for at least one section. Did you have any concerns or issues with planting so close to the boxes? I just don't want to hit the wires that are buried in that area.


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