Monday, August 12, 2013


I went to use the "potty".


I'm pretty sure I did a week's worth of  cardio when I saw that PLASTIC  critter.

Compliments of my husband.  (I think he sorta felt a little bad...)

Wasp Nest.

So we are all on the front porch when Stan the man takes his play sword and smacks the front shrubs.  About a billion wasps came flying out.

"Danger Dave" saved the day.  He hid behind a chair to aim and spray.

This hive was up, inside the bushes.  He had to get down on the ground and look up into the bushes to find it.


So I think I've taken about 10 years off of my life this past weekend.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty! I jumped out of my chair when I saw that! I can only imagine your reaction, poor thing!

    And the wasp nest...ugh. We have them too! Soo gross! I love being outside...just don't love some of nature's "gifts"!

    Hope you have a bit more calm day, friend. : )

  2. Oh my goodness... I would have run 100 miles away if I saw BOTH of those! I can handle most bugs, but anything with the word roach in it or something that can sting me... I'm outta there!

  3. Oh, did you tell your husband paybacks are worse? Lots worse...He better watch out! haha!

    That bug looks too real.

  4. Okay. The plastic bug on the toilet just wasn't nice. At. All. :)

  5. Oh my!! I was thinking that is a Texas size cockroach!! Glad to know it wasn't real. :)

  6. I 2nd Laurie's sentiments...I was thinking that was what your cockroaches in Texas looked like!!! EEEEK! Oh and the wasps...the gravitate to my wrap-around-porch. Those and the mud daubers!!! Ugh!!!

    I laughed at loud at "weeks worth of cardio"!!! I can related to those kinds of experiences.


  7. Yuck!! That really does look real. I thought for sure your son did it, not your sweet hubby ;) I guess the hornets were sort of a payback ;) We saw a real one about that size in a house we looked at in FL!! Another one of those things we have to get used too...


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