Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Clementine's Hard Life

My teacher's assistant is too busy to help me with school matters these days!

But that's okay...she's keeping herself busy and happy which equals uninterrupted schooling!  Ha ha!

Here is a typical morning for Clementine ...

(I am glad we kept that cloth tea set which was a gift for Sally from Grammy & Poppy about 13 years ago.  Isn't it sweet?)

(I posted a DIY on that mirror, here.)

(I posted the Little Tikes table make-over, here.)


To be that little again, huh?  Not a care in the world.  

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday!

~  Patty ~


  1. Sweet,sweet Clementine, I can see how you are just way too busy to be the teacher's helper. Phew. You look like you are having a blast!
    My girls are too busy throwing toys and leaving Little People everywhere, reading books, fighting, snacking, climbing and getting into things x TWO. It makes their mama quite tired.
    Hugs from your buddies in MN, Miss Clementine!

    1. Ha ha! Don't let the tea time fool you! Anyone that enters into her personal space, look out! Mabel has two scratches on her face this morning from crossing the line. (And I've warned her!) David refers to Mabel as the "Quicker Picker Upper" Ha ha! Do you remember that commercial? I think her name was Marge?

  2. Oh, I love those sweet little baby girl pictures. Reminds me of my girls playing years and years ago. We had that same little tea set. So so sweet. Enjoy that precious baby. <3

    1. For the life of me, I cannot remember where it came from, but it's on the tip of my tongue. do you remember?

  3. I love this, Patty! She is the cutest assistant teacher around. I see you have assigned her some important, time consuming work, right? : )

    That last picture makes my mommy heart happy.

    Happy Wednesday, friend!

  4. Oh goodness, she is precious!!! And that cloth/fabric tea set...that was the first thing Mary Catherine and I spotted...oooohing and aaaaahing over it! I sure wish we had a set like that when she was little!

  5. She is getting so big! She is sooo cute! I just want to squeeze her! :)

  6. Thanks, gals! She is a hoot! So much fun to have in the house. We cannot remember what life was like before Clementine :)

  7. Love this, day in the life of Clementine! We used to have that same tea set, my girls loved it.

  8. So cute!! Wish I could come play too!

  9. OH my goodness....You captured PRECIOUS beyond measure! Taking time to appreciate those simple times are sweet for the soul. Glad your TA is having fun:)


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