Friday, August 23, 2013

Budgeting for Christmas Gifts

I think this is such a fun gift...for the photographer in your life!

It's a real coffee mug shaped like a Canon lens.   I saw the idea floating around on FB last spring.

(You can find it  here and it comes in different camera brands as well.)

And yes, I have started shopping.

I start in June, making sure I keep the budget running smoothly.  (Those darn budgets!!)

10 years ago, I was reading an article in Family Fun magazine and it had suggestions on how to make things easier on the pocket book during the Christmas season.

One suggestion was to start buying in June, a few things at a time.

Well, I gave it a whirl and was immediately hooked!

I start in June shopping for my three sisters.  (My sisters and I exchange with one another every year.  Love my sistas!)

Note:  Summer Sales rock!  Easy way to knock off some gifts.

July and August are for the close friends we exchange with or for godparents or even parents.

*That's when I hit the wall.  Birthday Season.  Between September 1st  and Thanksgiving, we celebrate grandparents' birthdays, 3 of our kids' birthdays, and my beloved's birthday.  

(I'm sure a lot of you have the same situation.)

Can we say Cha- Ching?

That's what makes this "Christmas shopping budget" even more important for the pocket book.

Since I've successfully used this plan for the last 10 years, I thought I'd pass it on to y'all!

I know it sounds strange talking about Christmas shopping in August, but budgets need to be faced...even though I wish it could be tossed out the window.

~  Patty ~


  1. Such a good idea! I just can't get my brain focused on kids gifts until Advent. Then we have two birthdays in feb/mar. I think it is because I am still stuck on toy ideas, but I don't want any more toys in the house. KWIM?

    1. And that's why I save the kids for last. I totally get it.

  2. I shop all year long, Patty. Do you ever use Zulily? I always find neat things on there to get and stash away. Love your ideas, friend. Keep 'em coming! : )

    1. Yes, I do use Zulily. It's hit and miss. I have to confess, it's mostly for some unique clothes for Miss C.

  3. Ya know, I saw the word Christmas in the title and it immediately gave my heart a flutter! Seriously! I usually shop little by little but I haven't this year and I'm mad at myself! It's time...thanks for the reminder!

    1. I get mad at myself, too. I had a goal to have 9 gifts purchased by the end of August. I now have 5. But! I was sidetracked when I picked up some birthday gifts I needed for the kids that have birthdays coming down the pike. I guess that's balancing things out still.

  4. BTW, I WANT one of those coffee mugs! Ha ha! That one is for a friend of ours who is into photography.

  5. Btw, I want one of those coffee mugs!! ;) Hmm...will check my budget.
    I know, budget, budget. I buy here and there, but tend to leave the kids last as they seem to change their minds frequently. I actually have a point in November when I tell them that their lists are closed and they cannot put anything else on their wish list. lol.
    I know I've mentioned it a ton over the months, but a huge reason I do Swagbucks like a mad woman is to help out a little bit at least. When you are on that budget, every dollar and way to save helps. Thanks for sharing how you make it all work.

  6. Hi Patty! I am coming here from Billie Jo's blog.

    I love my faith, and coffee too! I think there should be a blog just devoted to Catholics and their coffee, because it would be HUGE!

    I have a friend who is a photographer, and that camera-mug would just be awesome for her! And I don't think early shopping is a bad idea at all. It avoids all that sticker shock later! My husband and I usually shop the after Christmas sales, and save some that way.

    Fun to meet you today!

  7. Ack! I normally am thinking about Christmas by now, but not this year. Last year we didn't do much gift giving because we took a trip to FL. This year we will be in FL so I'm thinking we will do some family season passes for something like Sea World or Lego Land. Way to stay on the ball!


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