Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why So Early??

I hear it from my kids every summer.

The Hughes Academy begins a new school at the end of each July.

Where they may not like it at first, they always come around to see the plan unfold.

*  We do 180 days of school per year.

*  For the sake of my sanity, (I'm being real), I take 2 weeks off at each quarter, 3 weeks off in December, and finish by Mother's Day.

* Texas schools shut down for the entire week of Thanksgiving.  (That's a BIG ditto in our house!)

* It can be too blazing hot in July and August to play outside.  Sometimes it's too hot to even swim.  **It is quite common to have 100 degree temp at 10:00 pm, and that's with the sun down!**

Planning made easy ~

The first thing I do is mark  the LAST day of school on the calendar.

Then I go BACKWARDS and mark off the weeks I plan to use as vacation time.

Our 2013-1014 will be finished on Friday, May 9, 2014.  (God willing!)

I end up with my start date ::  In this case, July 22, 2013.  (Just days away....)


Except for Summer, Texas weather  usually ranges from quite lovely to moderate during the seasons of  fall, winter, and spring.

We never ever pack away flip flops or shorts.  Once in awhile, we will even get snow.

( January 2011 - playing yard jarts and eating ice cream - outside!)

The plan works.

And you know what else?

Home school hours are not your typical 8 hour traditional school day.

We range (depending on child & grade level) from 1.5 hours - 4 hours each day.

Plenty of time to go for a swim while all the other traditional school kids are in their school desks!

It's been a pretty smooth system each year.

Why fix what is not broke, right?



My friend Jen, another home school mama, has an AMAZINGLY, AWESOME back-to-school give away for moms!

On top of that, she linked up to a GINORMOUS group of back-to-school give aways and shared it with us all!

Thank you, Jen!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Looks great, Patty! Thanks for the link, too. Have a great day, friend.

    Oh, and I have your slow cooker ribs in my crockpot right now! They smell sooooo good! : )

  2. You're so organized! You make it sound so easy. :)

    1. Haunani, thank you. The planning is easy. It's the juggling act that can get complicated :)

  3. Those ribs are to die for!!

  4. That is a lot of good reasons. I had no idea how warm it was in Texas.

    1. This year, we are having one of our coolest summers. Ha ha! But usually, it's triple digits for an extended period of time. And we live in North Texas. The southern parts really sizzle!

  5. I LOVE your new look here. Have I told you that? The colors just POP:) I think I have a lot of catching up to do in the blog world...baby steps. I like your calendar method and how you plan your year. Prayers going out to you as you start back up. I always include my homeschooling family friends as I gear up as well...I've started my "Back-to school-Holy-Hours" already;)

    1. You are always so sweet! Thank for the compliments and the prayers!

  6. That seems like a smart way to do it!! My kids just caught on last year that other kids actually take a break during the summer. They were pretty up in arms about it. ;) We are far more relaxed though. I actually enjoy school more because I don't feel the pressure to "get things done" that I do during official months.

    1. And isn't it good to keep their brains exercising more often than not?

  7. I smiled as I read this report of your calendar, mostly because it is so ME. Well, except that I live in MN where we ALWAYS pack away flip flops and shorts and get snow. :) But you get it, right? I love the planning part and now that I'm looking at your calendar I'm wondering if I need a break each quarter. Again, you've got my thinking...thanks for always sharing what works for your homeschooling since I am always eager for others to share!

    1. A friend who grew up in Hawaii gave me the idea about 7 years ago or so. She use to go back with her kids (all homeschoolers) for two months (Dec & Jan) to visit family and enjoy Hawaii. She would start in mid summer to take the mid winter off. I really liked her idea, tweaked it, and applied it to us. So we were doing this in Illinois when summer was the ideal time to take off. I started it because I really enjoyed the breaks in between (for myself, mainly). It kept me motivated and gave me the rest I needed.

  8. Makes perfect sense to me!

  9. My kids are always clamoring to go back to school by mid-July anyway! Great plan in my book! Hugs.

  10. I really like this idea and plan on implementing it for next year. Our year this year will be a little wonky, not sure I can swing it. Although maybe I could if we only took one week off per quarter - I know we are always anxious to be done in the spring/summer. Thanks for linking to my blog. Have a great first day of school!!

  11. I love how you mark your end date and go backwards to figure out when to start...might have to do it that way too!!


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