Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Holy Guacamole!

I've heard some of my kids mumbling about it being too hot.

Uhhh...well, it's July, AND we live in Texas.

I can't blame their slight confusion.

We did have a "cold front" move in last week.  Low 90's, upper 80's.  GORRR-geous.

As one of my friends eloquently asked on Facebook..."What?  Did hell freeze over?  It's cool -  in July -  in Texas!"  

We sure enjoyed it while it lasted!  Back to reality :)


I posted on FB about my sleep walking episode Saturday night.

When I'm really anxious or REALLY tired, usually a midnight jaunt comes into play.  (Which just makes me more tired by morning.  Circles- under- the- eyes tired.)

So, I was in the kitchen Sunday morning getting a cup of joe in before Mass when I had the sense I was in there sometime during the night.

I opened one fridge door to find my rosary in a bowl of blueberries!

Weird!  Sometimes I wake up during these escapades....other times....I don't experience total recall until the next day.


'Nother reality check.

My house has not been peaceful lately.  Members of the household have been less-than-charitable with one another.

I won't candy coat it.  It's been happening A LOT!

Last Saturday, David and the three older ones high-tailed it to confession.  (And it was Ester's suggestion!  Go Ester!)

I need to go this week since Clementine was napping at that moment.

A family pow-wow was called and suggestions were brought up on how to improve our "situation".

One BIG solution?  More family prayer time.

Oh, we say our daily prayers, but we are way too lax in the summertime.  I think the daily prayers just become a blob of mumbo-jumbo.

I bet that happens to a lot of you, too.

Family rosary?  Forgetaboutit!  It's pretty much non-existent since school let out.

So we are getting back on track with the family rosary.  And it feels so! much! better! already.  


School starts July 22!

I am such an EVIL mother, aren't I!   (Ask my kids - Ha ha!)

I'm not talking about summer school, but the big kahuna.

Books are on their way.

I was so freaking nervous ordering my "High Schooler's" books  (insert scream...can't believe I have one in High School)... it about took 10 years off of my life.


Talking with another homeschool mom, I mentioned it's been...like...30 years since I was a freshman.

She asked me how old I was.

That's when the hammer came down... I realized I'm 44 -

Totally depressed me because I was thinking I was ONLY 43!

I regress....

Praise the Lord for counselors and accredited programs (we use Seton)  which brings me comfort since they are the experts and accredited,  blah....blah....blah.

I just followed their suggestions, held my breath, and hit the "purchase" button.

Gosh...it's JUST my kids' education...a BIG expense....and Sally is my guinea pig.  I'm mean...really! What's the big problem?!  Ha ha!

All joking aside...we are doing great.  After 10 years, we better be, right?

As they say in Texas, "This ain't my first rodeo!"

Hmmmm....maybe this is why I was sleep walking on Saturday??


P.S.  Sorry for being a big wind bag in this post...

Love and hugs and kisses to all!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I must confess I was hoping for a guacamole recipe in this post ;)
    But, the family prayer time reality check was an even better recipe...we have been having some of the same snippy problems here lately. Is it the heat? The humidity? The age? Maybe just not enough prayer! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. There's one guacamole dish that I do LOVE, but I don't have the recipe. It's a dish from a Mexican restaurant...stuffed, deep fried, guacamole. Very yummy! And for the snippy problems...I think it's everything you listed above! :)

  2. Oh Patty, is it ok if I say it makes me feel better that your family prayer time is lacking this summer? Cause ours is too! Thanks for the reassurance, dear friend...

    And I love your new sidebar pictures!!! I am right behind you...will be 44 in September! And Madison is going to be a Junior!! Yikes!

    1. Yes! Ha ha! I know exactly what you mean Billie Jo. Our house is anything BUT a china shop filled with perfection! Ups and downs, friend, ups and downs. :)

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry you're stressed out. I hope you don't wander farther than the kitchen on your midnight walks. :)
    I have a freshman AND a junior this year and another one right behind so I feel your pain (but I can't even imagine homeschooling them...you and Billie Jo are amazing women!) Good for you for finding the glue to bring them all together. Family prayer is an amazing thing, isn't it?

  4. My pediatricians tell me one symptom of sleep walkers is they are usually very sleep deprived..
    Do you feel like that's the case for you also? Its kinda scary!!!!
    Prayer does indeed work. How wise of sweet Ester..you're doing a great job ;)

    1. Stress is my biggest contributing factor to sleep walking followed by a lack of sleep. Not sleep deprived, but definitely not good sleep either. The book ordering was very stressful for me this year. I just didn't want to make any "costly" mistakes. (Costly meaning not just in the financial sense.) That and a brief moment where I lacked confidence in deciding what was right not just for our student but for the family. I did have a good chuckle over it since the rosary in the blueberries was a first for me! ha ha! BTW, when I was a child, I did attempt to leave the house a couple of times during sleep walking episodes...via the second floor window!! That was scary when I realized what I was doing and thankfully, woke up.


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