Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrating America's Birthday

At a time when chaos reigns over our country, moral decay has spiraled utterly out of control, and our religious liberties are under direct attack,  I am still proud to be an American because my values still reflect those of our fore fathers.

I also know how blessed I am to be able to attend Mass on July 4th to celebrate the birthday of this country, receiving the Holy Eucharist, and thanking God for the uncommon wisdom of fore fathers, all of this...without fear of our church being bombed or our sacred items being burned in the streets.

I am grateful for that.

We pass this thankfulness onto our kids.

My family LOVES to celebrate Independence Day.  Some years are hit or miss, but this year...well, folks, we did good!

We even started our festivities on July 3!

Cue the bowling alley ~

(I happened to catch her bowling a strike right then!  Yahoo! )

Umm...did I mention that all my kids bowled?

Check out little Miss down below :)

Yes!  She LOVED it! :)

We met up with some of our homeschool families for a fun morning!

Check out to get your children  (under 15)  two free games of bowling every day, all summer long!  *Shoe rental not included.

It was a good time....and a great deal!

Next, we hit the crafts.

After we made these Patriotic Mason Jar Luminaries last week,

we decided to make some easy American flags this week.

Patriotic made easy-peasy!   Hint:  We ended up gluing each flag to a piece of construction paper for added support.

We decided to hit Pinterest up for some fun foods.  I had listed them here last week.

The kids dipped these pretzel rods into melted chocolate and then coated them in some patriotism :)

So easy!

So festive!

As they were drying, I had the kids pop the pretzel rods into jelly jars...hoping they wouldn't smudge.

We moved on to the red, white, and blue strawberries!

Okay.  So these are no way near pretty as some of the ones I found on Pinterest, but they sure tasted awesome!

They are dipped into white chocolate (melted) and then dipped into sprinkles.

Have I mentioned I love chocolate?  Ha ha!

Well, by golly...I'm sitting here looking at the clock and it is getting LATE!  Little Miss Clementine gets up bright and early these days, so I'll have to post more later on.

In the meantime,  here is a post that has the links to crafts and foods we created for our July 4th.  I wish I could say the original ideas are mine...I wish I was that talented!!...but, they are not.

Praying you all had a safe holiday!

Praying for God's blessings on our country.

Happy fourth!

~  Patty  ~


  1. What a perfect way to spend a wonderful day, Patty...I love all your family fun. Your strawberries look wonderful and I love your little miss bowling!

    Have a great weekend, friend! : )

    P. S. Every time we use the water table, I think of you!

  2. My, the kids have been busy! They did a good job!

    1. Thanks, Mary. Trying to cram things in. I read that you start school on the 25th. We are right there with you...the 22nd.

  3. I just found your blog from Billie Jo's and I LOVE it! And I absolutely LOVE all the awesome activities you do with your kids. What fun activities. I've never thought to do pretzels in JULY. We've only ever done them in December. Might have to borrow that idea...and the strawberries...SO cute. Happy July! Thanks for sharing your great ideas. :)

    1. Hi Haunani! Thanks for stopping in :) Do you have a blog? I need to find it in stop by your place for a visit, too!


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