Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Camps

When I was a little myself, my summer days were filled with daily jaunts to the public pool.  We'd swim hard by day and slept hard by night.

We never had summer camps.  That was something we saw on T.V. or in the movies.  And to be honest, I thought "summer camps"  were for the rich & famous!  (I grew up in a little town along the Illinois River.)

Well, we've entered a new season of life that includes summer camps.  And it isn't because I'm rich or famous.  Ha ha!

Living in Metroplex has its good points, and some of those being abundant choices of activities for kids and parents.  (If your heart so desires.)

This summer, Ester and Mabel had their horse camp.  They truly enjoyed their love affair with horse camp!

Then there was SHINE Catholic Work Camp for Miss Sally.  Her camp was a life-changing experience (for the better!)

Now it's Stan the Man's turn!  Swim camp for two weeks!

He loves it...and that's BIG because not too long ago, he was petrified of the water.

I'm a BIG believer in swim lessons - but only when they are ready.  He's found his comfort zone, and his confidence has been growing.

His "coaches" are GREAT and work hard with each child.  The child isn't moved up until they test out.  Which is so important.  I've seen parents somewhat upset if their child isn't moved up.

In our house, being able to swim is a life skill that must be learned.   Just plain, old-fashioned swimming skills is what we encourage.

He swims hard in the morning and sleeps hard at night!

Hope you are enjoying your summer sun!

~  Patty  ~

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  1. Cutie! I love the "swim camp" philosophy! So glad that Stan is learning to enjoy the water and learn valuable safety lessons at the same time! We *heart* the public pool!


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