Friday, June 28, 2013

Square Foot Gardening Update - 3

My husband's hard work is paying off, and we are really enjoying fresh produce from our first-ever garden.

David first heard about Square Foot Gardening from a client.  (here's one blogger example).  After some research, he thought it was the best route for us to take.

The other day, two of our girls found this ~

(About 7" long.)

Our first cucumber!

We have also harvested sweet, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, and tomatoes ... so far!

What our Square Foot Garden looks like now ~

We didn't think our cucumber plants survived the roller coaster temperatures, but obviously they did.

For fun, we planted corn (probably too late for Texas), but what's it going to hurt trying?

We have bean plants thriving...looking forward to harvesting those soon as well.

David just put up a bird net over the top to keep the very hungry Mocking birds out.  (Look closely and you'll see it.)   The birds have actually been our worst enemy.  They are feasting too much!!

A look back at our progress ~

Check out these luscious blueberries ~

A sweet neighbor lady hand-picked them yesterday over by Tyler, TX  (it was 102 degrees F - real temp).  

She gave some to us because she knows we LOVE  LOVE  LOVE  fresh blueberries :)

I have THE MOST delicious blueberry pie recipe that I'm going to make today.  

This is one of mine from last year ~

It is to DIE for, I tell ya'!

Recipe found here

Now, on to making that pie!  

Oh!  One last thing...if you get a chance, stop over at Grace In My Heart to wish them baby congratulations on a daughter that was born in their hearts just yesterday!

Happy Friday!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty, I love your garden! How wonderful! And we have a sweet lady friend in her 80s who also picks us blueberries! And guess what the first thing is that I will be making this year? Yep...your pie! Thanks friend...Happy weekend! : )

  2. I'll have to go back and read all the gardening posts. We have wanted to do some planting (next year!). Funny thing- since you posted a blueberry pie way back, I have given blueberries another try (after a strong dislike from the years I spent picking them as a summer job and eating way too many of them). They are now one of my favorite foods!!


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