Sunday, June 23, 2013

She's back!!!

 8:45pm Saturday and sound!  Thank you, Jesus!

Happy parents and campers reuniting :)

Happy priest to send the kids back to their parents (*wink*)

Miss Sally with our AMAZING associate pastor.  (We only have Fr. Arthur for two more weeks.  His new assignment?  Catholic student chaplain at SMU Dallas!! )

The camp theme was God, the Great and All Powerful!  

Miss Sally with Miss Tele, (pronounced tellie),  not only Sally's small group leader, but the parish nurse on the trip!!  My girl was in great hands!!

This camp week was full TO THE BRIM with Texans!  So much so, they had their own week together in Memphis.  Hundreds of kids from three parishes::  St. Michael the Archangel (McKinney, TX), Our Lady of Angels (Allen, TX), and St. Martha's (Houston, TX).

More stories to come!!  Promise!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. So happy she had a great time, Patty...but even happier my bloggy friend has all her babes under one roof again! : )

  2. Glad she is home safe!!! Love that happy tired face.

  3. Glad she's home safe & sound! I almost titled my post "I'm back"! :)
    I had an uncle "Fr. Arthur", and we had a seminarian a couple of summers ago whose name is Arthur; he will be ordained in Dec. in his hometown in Colombia.
    I'm sure she's glad to be home!


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