Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Shades of Gray

One of those moments when the awe of  God's beauty is only truly captured with the human eye,  (no camera can do it justice, although I tried.)

That was early yesterday morning.

At 5:15 am, I hugged and kissed Miss Sally good bye.  David took her over to the church hall to catch the bus heading to Memphis for SHINE Catholic Work Camp this week.

This mama's heart was beating a little bit faster and feeling some signs of anxiety, but trying not to let it show.

A longer and tighter hug would convey all the "words" that were needed to say "I love you!" a billion times over.

Beside, how can you put into words what a mama's heart is feeling when you hug a child good bye for the milestone moments in one's life?

No phones.  No electronics at all allowed on the trip!  (They can use a chaperone's cell phone to call home if necessary.)

So I tucked a card-a-day into her suitcase...just to let her know she is loved and missed as well as some words of  encouragement.

Gosh!  The last time we were separated for any length of time was when our Miss Ester had her open heart surgery as an infant.    But Sally was too young to remember and I was too occupied with other important matters to really worry.

She gets back into town on Saturday afternoon.

If you could say a prayer for all the campers and those who have to travel greater distances on Saturday, that would be great!


Moving on...or rewinding actually.

A couple of more Pinterest crafts that kids found for Father's Day.

Ester and Mabel, with the neighbor lady's guidance, made these ::

She found the idea here, on Pinterest.  

Aluminum duct tape taped over foam sheets.  Take a pen to draw/write your design in.  Paint with black paint.  Wipe paint off before it dries.  Waa Laa!

Stan and I saw this on Pinterest ::

Since Dad has a boat, we thought this would be a cute and yummy boat to make him!  (Stan was SO excited to give it to him!!!)

You can find the idea here.


Best keep moving along...Miss Clementine is up, I can hear her on the monitor.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Oh Patty! Sending prayers for a wonderful week for your daughter and for your mama's heart too! She will be home before you know it.,.full of wonderful stories and filled with the Holy Spirit!

  2. We've had a lot of grey skies lately here too. Love the Father's day gifts... so creative!

  3. LUV all your photos, especially the new header and blog look....well done!

    God bless your daughter, those letters will touch her heart!

  4. Love the crafts!!! So super duper cute. :) What a great idea for those letters. And what a wonderful opportunity for Sally! We were hoping for Paul to get to do an "in country" mission trip this summer with a Catholic group, but it fell through. I checked this organization's website and it looks pretty wonderful. And those clouds are majestic- I know what you mean about capturing all the beauty though- the camera never will get what the human eye does.

  5. I love the card a day idea!! - Oh and I like the green on the sides of your blog, looks great!


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