Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cornucopia Thursday!

1)   I'm sitting here sippin' on a cup of coffee trying to catch up on blog readings.  After 20, I realized I had some 76 more to go.

Yeah.  That's not going to happen.  Too stressful!

I love reading what y'all write,  but I'm just way too behind.


2)   Working on our pics from Washington D.C., I hit a small glitch.  Waiting for my techie husband to help me with them tonight :)


3)   Baptismal birthday ~

Tuesday was Stan the man's baptismal birthday.  (A special day we like to remember for each of us, celebrating with their baptismal candles and a small, faith-based gift.)

He was SUPER excited to receive a Rosary holder kit - none other than St. Michael! - and his own book of saints.

I think Stan is so stinkin' cute!!  Just saying :)


4)  I want to change my blog look.

Totally scared that I'll delete everything though!

Maybe this weekend?

If I disappear, well, you'll know what happened!


5)  Garden update~

Jalapeno Peppers ::

(Picture taken Memorial Weekend.)

Green Bell Peppers ::

Tomatoes ::

(Ate this in our salad last night at dinner :)

Our green beans and cucumbers are still growing!  


Wishing you all a wonderful, sunshiny, kind of day!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty, so wish I could join you for a cup of coffee...and then you could teach me how to grow veggies...

    And that picture of your little man with his baptismal candle is adorable!!

    Good luck with your blog redesign...and I am with you...when I do anything with mine, I hold my breath and say a quick prayer before I hit the keyboard!

    Can't wait to see the new look, dear friend!

  2. Love the baptismal birthday. Cute for sure!! Still looking forward to seeing the trip. I hope your techie husband can work out the glitch.

  3. You are making me crave some garden fresh tomatoes! Store bought just aren't the same.

    That is such a great idea to celebrate the baptismal birthday! I am so going to do that!! And yes, Stan is so stinking cute. :)

  4. Happy Baptismal Birthday to Stan! Though I'm taking a "break," I hope to pop in to say hello. I'll be checking back to see your Washington D. C. photos for sure...You have such a gift for taking your readers a long with you with words AND photos;-) Love your storytelling! Happy Feast of the 2 Most Awesome Hearts and hope you are recovering from travel...Especially that dear one on crutches!

  5. I love that you {remember!} and celebrate baptisms! Stan is cute! I know, finding time to read all the amazing blogs out there - that's a job in it's self. Just back up your blog before you start tinkering and you will be just fine ;) Have fun!


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