Monday, May 13, 2013

Show Me Some Lovin'

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Straight out of Sarah's playbook...I'm switching over to

I read Sarah's post this past March and Good Golly! I've finally made the switch and I love it!

I'm so delighted to find SO MANY more blog posts to read, and it is much easier to use!  (And this mama will take "easy"  when she can get it :)

~  Patty  ~


  1. Is there a way to read the whole post in Bloglovin or do you have to click over on every one? I'm using feedly which also syncs with Google Reader for as long as it's available and you can read whole posts without having to click over unless someone has set their posts to short feed, just like Google Reader used to do.

  2. Charlotte, when someone posts, a photo and partial post pops up. I can do one of two things: 1.) click on that particular post and see just that current one OR 2.) I can peruse under the "following" blogs and click on a particular one. When I do that, ALL of the posts that particular blogger has written will pop up.

    I particularly like option 2 since I have been SO busy lately and can click and update myself with a particular friend (s), seeing what I may have missed. Once I read the post, it is marked as read automatically.

    To be honest, I never used google reader. Too lazy and too busy. Since I heard google reader will be going away, I thought I'd finally look into other options.

    I apologize if this didn't answer your question. It is really easy and strew-free to jump over and take a peak.

  3. Hi Patty...I never used Google Reader either. I just read off my dashboard. I guess I will just continue to do that...if I can! I am not so good with change. ; )

    1. I'm a creature of habit, and I usually read off my dashboard as well. Being so crazy busy lately, I miss a LOT of past posts from y'all. So~ at my convenience, I'll now be able to read what everyone writes without missing out.

    2. Soooo...I will still be able to read off the Dashboard, right? And you all will still be able to read mine? Until I take the Bloglovin plunge, that is!

    3. Yes. The blogs you read will automatically transfer over and you can click on each blog and read up on any missed ones you want. Very easy to navigate.

  4. YAY! I am still liking the change and have easily adjusted, which says a lot for someone prone to freak out with changes. :)

  5. I never used Google Reader either. I signed up with Feedly and used it once but didn't like it. I usually read from my dashboard, but I agree it's very easy to miss posts. I mostly subscribe by e-mail, I like that option. I will have to check out Bloglovin

  6. I'm loving Bloglovin too! I need to grab one of those buttons for my page!

  7. OHHHH, thank you for sharing! I need to do this. I was feeling lost but now I'm found:) lol


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