Monday, May 13, 2013


It happens....and sometimes, all at once, right?


I needed a day off from our camping trip.  Ha ha!  (And I'm not ashamed to admit it, either :)

To the lake we went!

(That's David testing out his new jet engine boat.)

I think EVERYone should live near a lake!  A great place to play hookie.

This lake is about 25 miles away,  and last Wednesday, we had the entire beach to run, splash, and play on.


I know most moms are really busy in May.   Is it just me or does it get busier as the kids get older???

 This is what  one of my weeks recently looked like ~ (in addition to homeschooling.)


- Mass of Thanksgiving for our former pastor celebrating his 35th year as an ordained priest.

- Planning meeting for home school graduation mass for the (8) eighth graders who will be graduating at the end of the month.  (It is going to be so special and meaningful!!!  Can hardly wait!!!)

- Tae Kwon Do

- Swim team practice .


- Swim team photos


- May Crowning


- Planning meeting for Sally who will be attending SHINE Catholic Work Camp this summer.  She is SO excited!!!

(If you have a chance, check out the website!)


- Adoration

- Prep for camping trip to Galveston Island


I had the best mother's day in a LONG time!  We did nothing, really.  Went for a swim at the pool and David grilled hamburgers.

I was able to just "be".

I look at it as a refueling period...and buckling up for the next few busy weeks that will pass by at warp speed!

Hoping you busy moms find some quiet moments in your life to just breathe and be!

~  Patty ~


  1. Happy Mother's Day! Glad it wasn't super busy for you that day!

  2. May always is busy around here! I would run off to the lake too! Enjoy, dear friend! : )

  3. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  4. Just to 'be' is always a blessing for us mom's, don't you think? Especially after life hands you a week (or several) that is busy, busy. When my week looks like yours I tend to get stressed, but I'm getting better at looking at one day at a time and doing what's necessary. I definitely prefer when life slows down and I have more time at home.
    Glad you had a wonderful Mom's Day!

  5. We don't live near any lakes, but when we go to our family reunion we are right by one and we try to get there a day before the rest of the family arrives to get some lake time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lake!

  6. Oh, gosh, just "being" sounds wonderful. Happy Mother's day, your day looked wonderful!


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