Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hello Sunshine!

A peak at what we've been up to!

I have been beyond busy and blogging has had to take a back burner.  Thanks for checking in...(so, so sweet and I apologize if I've made anyone worry!)

I'll post more soon.  Promise!

~  Patty  ~ 


  1. Patty...if there ever were a perfect reason to be absent from this Bloggy world...that is it right there! Enjoy! : )

  2. Be.au.ti.ful. sunshine! As one who just yesterday FINALLY threw on the shorts and enjoyed the sunshine, I was thinking about the blogging backseat. So worth it when our winter lasted like 11.5 months. ha!
    Enjoy, enjoy and know I'm smiling thinking of you while I finally enjoy the sweet warmth of spring.

  3. I love it!! Happy you are enjoying life!!

  4. Jealous! Glad you are fine!!!


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