Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chores & Swimming & Dr.'s Orders - Weekend Rewind

Monday ~

Can you guess what her new fetish is??  Ha ha!

Chores -   That's how we spent our Monday morning.

BIG - BUSY week coming up....checking off the list while we can.

A quick trip to the pool for a swim before dinner and dessert...

Cupcakes - compliments of Miss Sally :)


Tuesday ~

Doctor Doctor

Doctor's visit this morning.  My swimmer has a bone contusion.

A what??  Here's a definition.

Treatment ::  Prescription (to take the edge off),  different knee brace,  at-home exercises to "loosen up" the painful stiffness.  Follow up next week.

BTW - this injury can take up to 12 weeks to completely heal.  Yikes!!

Washington D.C. trip ::  His thoughts echoed mine.  She will be in pain which may make the trip not-so-much-fun.  Postpone if possible or get to work on the exercises and keep up with the meds.  She should be feeling better by this weekend.  And ice.  Ice it down each morning and evening at the hotel.

Thanks for the prayers.  Now to think about getting the family ready while momma is away  (which is ALWAYS a bigger chore than packing and walking out the door!!)

PS - We've put some serious thought into what her goal is on the trip and where to cut back.  This will be my fourth trip to D.C. so I'm fairly confident on our  "game plan"!


Wednesday ~

Rehearsal for the Baccalaureate Mass.


Thursday ~


Meal planning for David while I'm gone.

Friday  ~

David's niece visits.

Baccalaureate Mass for 8th grade homeschoolers.

Dinner (at our house) with our Pastor.

Saturday ~  

Leave for Washington D.C.


Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend!!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Bone contusion? Oh, no. How did that happen? You guys are going to be up my way soon.

  2. Ok first off...Miss Sally's cupcakes look wonderful! And for the rest of your week...busy busy busy...but in a good way busy...sending a hug and prayers and know you will get it all done with the grace you always seem to have! : )

    Thinking of you and wishing we lived closer....I would pop in with dinner...have a nice evening, friend!

  3. Ohhh Clementine looks SO cute in that swimsuit and goggles! I love it! :)

    Contusions are not fun at all, and much more painful than they sound! That happened to my knee in high school after getting tackled in a soccer game, and it seemed like forever before it healed. I know it's rough, and she has my prayers!

    1. Oh Caitlin, she's been in a so much pain. She'll be comforted in knowing someone else truly appreciates it. :)

  4. Clementine, you sure make me smile. The swimsuit and googles are SO YOU :)
    Poor Miss Sally. I hope the healing doesn't take 12 weeks. Sending prayers for her.
    What a busy week! Enjoy your trip!

  5. Oh those cupcakes look delightful! Looks like you had a busy week... hang in there. This sure is a tough time of year! ~tara

  6. Your week is like ours have been- craaaazzzy! But all good stuff- except of that injury. That sounds like not so much fun. Praying your trip goes well in spite of it.

  7. You have had a beautiful and BUSSSSSY week! Congratulations to your sweet 8th grader and I'm so sorry she's living in pain:( Please give her a hug for me! I prayed for you all this morning and I hope the angels carry you through that trip with flying colors. OHHH, and that little swim suit on Miss C. is just about the cutest I've seen. And finally, Congrats and to you, Mama teacher, for sailing through 8 years...Not easy but worth the grace, right? All my love to you all.

  8. Hi, my name is Chelsey and I know you don't know me from Adam, but I have a question for you that I wanted to ask privately, but did not see any kind of contact information. I was wondering if you coud email me at chelseyhall@gmail.com . Thanks so much!


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