Thursday, May 9, 2013

Beach Homes & Broken Bones - G.I. Camping Trip Part 2

(Sigh......One can only dream, right?)

When I grow up, I want to live in one of these beach homes.   (Insert BIG, dreamy sigh....)

I had no shame leaning out of the open van window snapping away.  Ha ha!   Aren't they beautiful though?

BUT, I am grateful for what we had ...

David built that tear drop camper and we have put a LOT of mileage on it in less than a year.

So loading up Tuesday morning brought a disaster that could have been an even bigger disaster.

David went to hitch up the camper to the van.  I had put the kids in the car and didn't realize the added weight would change the height of the hitch.  David went to manually adjust the camper's wheel jack when it completely collapsed, sandwiching his hand inside.  The whole camper hitch hit the ground hard with his poor hand right in the middle of it all.

It looked awful!

With his adrenaline, he used his left hand to pick up the camper hitch off the ground to free his right hand.  When he was freed, he released the camper hitch again and part of it landed square on my big toe.

"Miss Flip Flops" was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He ended up with a broken bone in his hand and I ended up with part of the gear drilling a hole all the way through my toe nail.

I was so sickened by his hand that my pain was nothing and my reaction was lightening fast.  I was able to pull my toe out in a flash.

As he said, it could have been a lot worse.  He could have really damaged his hand and I could have  lost a toe (if it would have been 1/4" over.)

I remember when I broke a bone in my hand, the doctor just put a cloth-like splint on for a few days.  So we stopped at a pharmacy and I purchased a hand brace for David as well as some Motrin and Tylenol for our aches and pains.

Let me tell you, he is one strong and tough guy!

After all that, we still made one more stop before heading home.

San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site.  (The monument stands 15' taller than the Washington Monument in D.C.)

It is here that Texas won its' independence from Mexico and became an independent sovereign nation in North America for 10 years!

Little Miss Mabel has a state history report to write at the end of this quarter.  This will really connect it all together for her, don't you think?

There were plenty of shaded picnic areas scattered across the grounds.  A good place to let Miss Clementine stretch her legs a bit.

And a good break for this little guy to get away from all the girls for awhile :)

Oh!  And remember those "love bugs" I mentioned back here....they even die together in "ecstasy"  LOL!

An up close pic of our front van fender.  (Each blob represents a pair.)

The trip to Galveston Island State Park was really needed.  A lot of work this time around, but still very needed.  A little family vacay especially since we are not taking a family vacation this summer.

Do any of you have big vacation plans for the summer?    I enjoy living vicariously through the lives of others sometimes!!

~  Patty   ~


  1. What a fun vacation!! I wonder who lives in those beautiful beach homes....I wonder if they are just rentals? I'm dreaming of a beach home....Funny how you showed those homes and then your vacation homes--the tents. Looks like you all had a blast despite the lack of a beach home!! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us! Love that little baby, I want to run after her and say "I'm gonna get you!"

  2. oh looks and sounds wonderful! tents have it all over those fancy beach houses....I have done both. kids would vote tents and camping hands down!!!!

  3. are my hero... That's it! Happy Mother's Day, dear friend...

  4. OMGoodness, I didn't realize that you both had gotten hurt!! I think I would have fainted! Hope you are both feeling better. Can't even tell you how much I love those beach homes - the colors are so gorgeous!


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