Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday Dinner

For the past couple of years, Sunday dinner has become  a favorite in our house.  We go big - hitting the dining room table...using China (when we remember)....eating a delicious dinner that had aromas wafting through the house and teasing our stomachs all!  day!  long!

I LOVE this precious family time!

(A blurred image of a delicious dinner!)

That is Slow Cooker BBQ Baby Back Ribs,  home made Cole Slaw,   mashed potatoes, and cornbread.

I never had the nerve to attempt ribs until I came across a video demonstrating the above recipe.  It is SO incredibly easy!

Meat is outrageously expensive these days, but I do keep Sunday dinner extra special.  I don't mind splurging on more expensive meats this one day a adds to the "mood" of our dinner time :)

Another favorite slow cooker recipe would be Slow Cooker Pepper Steak.

I love hearing one of the kids tell me, "That was a great dinner, Mom!"  

And those words sounds even better hours after the kitchens been cleaned.

With the slow cooker meals, (not only does our house smell absolutely divine all day),  Mom is able to be outside enjoying the day with everyone else.

Hope you all had a blessed Sunday and may your week ahead be filled with abundant blessings!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty... I can almost smell those ribs right now...I thank you, my husband thanks you, and my children thank you! I have never made these, despite the fact that they are one of our favorite things. And I am super excited to make them, because I almost never order them out, due to the fact that I am such a crazy messy rib eater! : )

    Love your Sunday dinner. We love it here as well...and slow cooker meals are indeed the best for the exact reason you stated. Have a wonderful week, friend!

    P.S. You already know how much we love your slow cooker pepper steak! Delish...that is one of my go to dinners!

  2. I, too, have never even attempted to make ribs. I know my husband would love it if I did. He doesn't like recipes with kechup though! Thanks for the inspiration, I'm going to try it!!

  3. We have a similar tradition, the plates, as opposed to paper, silverware... and a slow cooked special meal or Sundaes on Sunday if we're not in a cooking mood, but it's to mark the day and make it special for everyone. Looks good.

  4. Those are some awesome meals. We used to be better about our Sunday meal time. You have inspired me to work on it!

  5. I love dinner made in the crock pot! I've made ribs in their too and really have liked it. Didn't do much more than add some water and barbecue sauce. The crock pot does the rest. Problem is, I can never find good meaty ribs. Probably because I'm going to a local deli or grocery store.


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